Hot Health Topics- 4 Top Benefits Of Juicing

A hot health topic is juicing and this article covers the 4 top benefits of juicing.

There’s a health craze going on right now. It’s not a fad diet that goes against all common sense, though. This trend fits right in with what we already know: that eating more fruit and vegetables helps us get the nutrients we need. This trend is juicing.

The main idea behind juicing is that it allows people to consume a greater amount of fruit and vegetables in one serving – via juice – than you could ever eat whole.

The following  are the top 4 benefits of getting into the juicing craze:

1) Weight Loss and Weight Management

Juicing is widely used by people who want to lose weight. They start off on a juice cleanse to get rid of unhealthy toxins and break bad diet habits, and then continue to make juice a regular part of their diet afterwards.  Your focus will be on consuming healthy foods and eliminating simple carbohydrates and fast food from local restaurants, making it a lot easier to shed those excess pounds.

2) Increased Energy Levels

Through juicing, large amounts of nutrients can be consumed and digested by the body quickly throughout the bloodstream, and as a result that can increase your energy levels. This is a great alternative for the use of stimulants first thing in the morning. You really do have to experience it to believe it – an increase in energy levels is one of the main reasons people quickly become addicted to juicing!

3) Improved Skin Tone

The pure nutrients found in both fruits and vegetables can, over time, transform your face into a smooth and radiant vision and help prevent the signs of aging. That is definitely a plus with the amount of lotions and treatments we purchase to keep our skin youthful – plus juicing is cheaper! Juicing will also help to reduce dry skin.

4) Prevent Disease

As long as you juice the right vegetables and fruits, you can help prevent the chances of certain diseases. Antioxidants can help fight cancer-causing ingredients, and the healthy eating that juicing promotes can help prevent conditions associated with being overweight. Many people choose to use organic vegetables to reduce the number of pesticides they ingest through food.

Juicing is a health craze, but it’s one that actually has science to back it up. Yes, juicing can be expensive, given that you need new equipment, and you will spend more on fruit and vegetables, but most people agree that the benefits are well worth it.


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Better Nutrition Tips For A Healthy Life

Have you always wanted to improve your nutrition, but didn’t know how? There is no need to look any further. This article explains tips about eating well, that you might have never been aware of. If you use these tips, you can improve your lifestyle a great deal.

A good nutrition tip is to replace white flour with wheat flour. There are more nutrients in whole wheat flour.

Nuts can be a very healthy snack, when you choose the right ones. Half a cup of almonds will give you plenty of protein and fiber.

Make sure your diet consists of plenty of lean meats and fish, low fat milk, whole grains and nuts if you care to be healthy. Throw in some nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, nutritious diet.

A good piece of advice is to not focus on dessert. Do not eat more than a few desserts a week.

Become a food label reader, and pass on any foods that have more than 5% of their content comprised of saturated fat, sodium, total fat, or cholesterol. If you consume these in excess, you will increase the likelihood of experiencing diseases related to high blood pressure, hypertension, and cardiac problems.

If you are a diabetic you should make sure to find out from your doctor if you are allowed to have alcohol. You have to be careful about drinking alcohol when you have diabetes because it can lower your blood sugar levels.

Foods that are low fat will often contain added sugars or substitutes to give them flavor. If the calories are extremely low on a product, see what ingredient take their place.

In this article we have discussed several tips which can help you to make lifestyle improvements. Even if you were not educated on nutrition before, you are now. Think over this article’s advice and try out those suggestions that seem particularly applicable to you.

This Japanese Diet Secret Will Help You Have The Healthiest New Year Ever

English: Glass of soy milk and soy beans.

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The New Year is a time when many people start to focus on their diet. They make the decision that this is the year they will finally eat clean and cut down on the junk food. Today I am going to give you the edge over many other people by sharing a Japanese diet secret that you can implement in the New Year to improve your health significantly.


Japanese People And Health


Before I share this Japanese diet secret with you, you might be wondering why you need to be implementing secrets from the Japanese people anyway? Well if you look at the statistics, Japanese people have very good health. Their overall cancer rates are 50% lower than those in the USA and the average life expectancy rate in Japan is 4 years higher than it is in the USA. In fact John Creighton Campbell, a professor of political science at the University of Michigan and Tokyo University believes the Japanese people are the healthiest on the planet.


The Japanese Diet Secret


Whilst there is plenty of speculation around why the Japanese are so healthy, a lot of evidence points to one very powerful food – soybeans. In Japan, the average person eats soybeans 2 or 3 times per day which is a much higher consumption rate than in the USA.


Soybeans are nutritionally one of the best foods you can eat. They are packed with protein, rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids and full of vitamins and minerals. However, they also contain another exclusive health boosting group of phytonutrients – isoflavones. The isoflavones are extremely powerful antioxidants which keep your body safe from dangerous free radicals. They also have very strong links with cancer prevention and are believed to be one of the main factors behind the much lower rates of breast cancer and prostate cancer in Japan.


The Dangers Of Unfermented Soy


Despite providing you with exclusive access to isoflavones, not all soybeans are created equal. Fermented soybeans that are traditionally eaten by the Japanese provide you with all the benefits listed above. However, unfermented soybeans which are used in many highly processed soybean products such as soy burgers, soy cheese and soy ice cream carry with them a number of health risks that far outweigh the health benefits of isoflavones. To avoid these health risks the answer is the same as it is for many other foods – go for natural, unprocessed versions where possible.




In their natural form, soybeans are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. So if you want to increase your life expectancy, reduce your cancer risk and much more in the New Year take full advantage of this Japanese diet secret. Add soybeans to your salad, mix them in with other vegetables as part of your evening meal and make sure you are eating them on a regular basis.

Start your New Year Resolutions early by having the healthiest New Year ever…


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Lowering Your LDL Cholesterol Naturally

If you are serious about achieving optimal health and wellness you should have blood tests done to check your LDL cholesterol on a regular basis. The LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol is part of the lipid profile that your doctor orders to check your cholesterol levels. to keep a watch on your cholesterol readings. The lipid profile consist of your total cholesterol, HDL (high density lipoprotein), LDL and triglycerides.

But you don’t automatically have to reach for a pill to get your levels down to an optimal reading. Your doctor should always suggest both diet and exercise as the first line of defense in fighting back against numbers that are too high. The first step to follow is always to change your diet.

You might be surprised at some of the foods you need to add to your diet that can naturally help bring your cholesterol under control. Eating nuts (especially almonds or peanuts) can lower your cholesterol. But be careful that you don’t overdo it.

Consuming too many nuts will pack on the pounds and end up being counter productive. You can put nuts in yogurts, salads, cold pasta dishes and more to get these cholesterol fighting foods into your food plan.

You can lower LDL cholesterol naturally by adding foods rich in sterols and stanols to your diet. These are contained in foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and certain types of cereal.

The next time you go grocery shopping, check the labels to see if the food says that it lowers cholesterol. If it does, then it probably contains sterols and/or stanols. This additive is a natural part of some plants that’s removed by food companies and then put in foods sold to consumers.

Just like a sponge drinks in water or other liquid, these plant ingredients stop cholesterol from being taken into the bloodstream. Depending on how much of it you eat, you can get your cholesterol numbers to drop by ten percent or greater.

Not only do you want to add more of certain foods to your diet, you want to limit or avoid some foods altogether if you’ve been told you’re at risk. Foods that are high in saturated fats are needed to help keep a good HDL level, but too much foods rich in this type of fat raises your LDL.

Red meat is high in saturated fat – and even lean cuts still contain a lot of saturated fats. You’ll want to make sure that you eat a diet rich in soluble fiber. If you find it difficult to get enough fiber in your diet, consider getting a natural supplement from the health food store.

Maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise serves a two fold purpose. It lowers your LDL cholesterol while raising your HDL cholesterol. But there are other things you can do that will naturally lower your level of bad cholesterol.

If you’re a smoker, you may want to think of giving it up because it can interfere with your body’s ability to lower LDL levels. You want to maintain a healthy blood pressure reading, and if you carry a lot of weight around the midsection, become aggressive about trimming it down because fat around the midsection is linked to higher levels of cholesterol as well as heart attacks.