Why Do You Do What You Do- The Bad Stuff

We have all had bad days when things just did not go smooth. The type of day where no amount of planning or focus can make things click. It may have been that phone call in the morning that did or did not come, a restless night, an employee that isn’t up to par that day, or maybe everyones biorhythms are just out of sync.

The possibilities are endless……….

The type of day that makes you forget what you found passionate about your work, an unrewarding day and full of frustration.

The type of day that makes it important to frequently take a self evaluation of what you are doing, why you are doing it, what you had to do to get there, and what it cost you or you have lost along the way.

Success works in peculiar ways.

Freidson wrote an article, “Profession of Medicine:  A Study of the Sociology of Applied Knowledge”, almost 40 years ago.

The article discusses 5 physician traits and what makes us do what we do.

1. Do physicians believe in what they are doing?

2..Do physicians prefer action, even with little chance of success, over no action at  all?

3. Do physicians see apparent cause/effect relationships even in their absence?

4. Do physicians depend more on personal judgments than on empirical evidence?

5. Do physicians chalk it up to chance, when things go wrong?

These questions can be easily applied to all of us. It does not matter if you are a nurse, banker, school teacher or parent. Deep inside we all have unique reasons for why we do what we do.

All of us should take time, periodically, to step back and do a self analysis. Reflect on why we do what we do. It is easy to get stuck in our daily routines and forget what brought us to this point in our careers, relationships, and life.

Do we still have the same passion for what we do? Are we able to change with the system? Is it still worth the less than optimal days that go with all aspects of life? Do we still awaken with the same attraction that was there in the beginning? Has it lost its glamour? Do you love it as much as you once did?

If you find the passion is still there, don’t let the “bad stuff” get in the way of the life that you want to live. Look at the “bad stuff” as tools to help you tweak the system for a better tomorrow.


What Would You Give Your Last Breath For

We all live our lives hoping to be successful at whatever we choose to pursue.

It may be the desire to be successful at our chosen occupation, love, parenting, teaching, obtaining wealth, or living longer.

In pondering how to achieve our dreams throughout life, I reflect on a story ……..


A man climbed a steep hill to meet a wise man who knew all
the secrets of success.

After hours of strenuous climbing, he reached the top,
covered with sweat and fatigued. The wise man was deep in meditation.
Many minutes later, he looked up and saw the man.

“What do you seek, my son?” he asked.

“Oh holy one, I want to know the secret of success!”

“Follow me”, said the wise man, as he walked briskly along
a narrow footpath down the other side of the hill.

A long trek brought them to a lake.  The wise man bent
down, beckoned to the man, who bent down close.  Without
any warning, the wise man grabbed him in a powerful
grip, thrust his head under the water, and held
him tight!

The man thought it was a test, and held still.  Within
a short time, he was fighting for breath, and tried to
break free. The wise man kept holding his head under

The man was getting scared.  His lungs were screaming
for air.  He couldn’t hold on much longer.

His struggle grew desperate, frantic, but he could
not break loose.  He was beginning to lose

Suddenly, the wise man let him go.

The man came up out of the water gasping for air, as he struggled to control his anger, he asked:

“What the h*@ were you trying to do to me?”

The wise man smiled.

“You asked me for the secrets of success.  Well,
when I held your head under water, remember how
badly you wanted that next breath of air?  You
were willing to do anything to get it, weren’t

The man nodded dumb founded, not understanding.

“When You Want Success Just As Badly,
Come To Me And I’ll Teach You The Secret!”

Author Unknown


Rarely do we look deep inside ourselves to find that one thing we are so passionate about, that we would do anything it takes to achieve it. That relentless, unstoppable drive to pursue, capture, and hold on to that which we desire and would die for………..

How far would you go to obtain your deepest desire?

When you look inside yourself and find that one thing you would give your last breath for you will have found your true passion.