Can You Use Nootropics to Get More Done in Less Time?

Can You Use Nootropics to Get More Done in Less Time?

If you work a typical 9-5 then you are going to be fixed to working for those specific hours. This means there’s no benefit to working faster and then sitting around with nothing to do for hours.

But if you have managed to set up your own business, or if you have discussed flexi-hours with your employers, then working faster means freeing up more time to get home and spend with your kids or doing the things you love!

In these scenarios then, productivity tools help you to earn back your time. And this is one reason that more and more people are now looking into ‘nootropics’ or ‘smart drugs’ to give them the edge. Should you?

What Nootropics Are and How They Work

So let’s start by looking at exactly what a nootropic is and how it works. What’s important to recognize right away is that nothing can make you ‘smarter’ as such because that is a very vague term that is almost impossible to define.

Rather then, nootropics can give you a slight cognitive boost in particular areas like focus, memory or even creativity.

And there are two separate ways that nootropics can work to do this. In the majority of cases, nootropics work by increasing the production of one or more neurotransmitters. These are the chemicals in the brain that help neurons to communicate with one another and that can trigger changes to our physiology and our mental state.

For example, if you have more dopamine in your brain then you will become more focussed and more driven. This is likely to also increase norepinephrine which triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response. GABA helps us to relax by suppressing synaptic transmissions and this can also make us more creative – though it is sedative too. Serotonin puts us in a good mood but eventually converts to melatonin and makes us sleepy. Cortisol is the stress hormone and makes us hungry. Orexin is another sleep-regulating neurotransmitter. Glutamate and acetylcholine are both excitatory neurotransmitters that increase brain activity.

Generally, these nootropics that work by increasing neurotransmitters will focus on excitatory neurotransmitters and thus help to make you more alert, less tired and more focused. These include modafinil, Piracetam, Ritalin and even caffeine.

But there are many problems with these kinds of drugs as they can cause adaptations in the brain leading to potential addiction and making us groggy when not using them. Likewise, it’s not possible to raise one neurotransmitter without altering levels of many more. Ultimately, the brain is too delicate and too complex for us to tinker with it in this way.

The Other Type of Nootropic

But the other types of nootropics work differently – by providing the brain with more energy (vinpocetine, creatine, CoQ10) or by providing it with the raw nutrients needed for healthy operation (omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin B6, zinc). These types of nootropic really do trigger widespread cognitive improvement in a safe and measurable way. However, the results are relatively mild and take a while to appear – so it’s not going to turn you into a productivity king over night!

Brand Yourself as a Trendsetter

Brand Yourself as a Trendsetter

You can literally drive down the street in any town in America and see those successful businesses who became trendsetters in their niche. Some, like Starbucks, have even gone further and make it a “culture” of followers.

McDonald’s speedy food service reinvented the fast food market. Like those highly successful entrepreneurs who saw a vision and acted on it, you need to do the same in your online niche.

Looking into the future, making predictions and creating products based on your research and instinct into the future of the niche can boost your credibility and make you hot in your niche

But only if you’re willing to expose your ideas without hesitation, fail forward and take risks with your branding. Examine the needs and wants of your target audience. It’s important that you know what pleases your customers and what they long for in new products and ideas.

Keeping a close eye on what they’re saying in posts and blogs and what they’re offering on their sites can be a good way of getting the insight you need to look into the future. If they’re complaining a lot, take it and run with it – be the solution they’ve been waiting for all along.

Decide on a trendsetting product. Based on your research and instincts, create a product which is unique and one based on your customers’ ambitions and interest. Try to have an ear to the ground and do something before everyone else jumps on that bandwagon.

Then, deliver it in a way that covers all bases. Podcasts, forums, blogs, paid advertisements and launches with JVs and affiliates are all great ways to get the word out.

Update your sites and products. If you’ve been offering the same old stuff in the same old ways for too long, your sales likely show it. Take an idea someone else is doing and turn it upside down. Do it different – better.

Respond to change. You may not see it coming, but when you realize the market is changing, change with it. Not responding to change will leave you in the dust and you may never catch up.

Your business is ever-changing and evolving and keeping up with the latest trends is part of the fun and excitement of keeping it all fresh.

Don’t look at it as a chore. Welcome it as a change of pace to keep you excited about things.

Make a firm commitment to establish yourself in the niche and then set goals that will get you there.

Rising to the top of your niche and becoming a trendsetter who can see the future and help others get there is an imperative step in becoming a true authority figure in your niche.

Develop the best product and best marketing strategies out there and continue to update as the trends dictate. It’s a never-ending process.

As other marketers get bored, lazy, or sloppy – you’ll be beating them hand over fist because you have that go getter attitude that makes you hungry for success!

Control Your Future With Positive Thinking

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The thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself control your future; your financial, personal and relational future.  How you think and what you believe about your aspirations, your dreams and your ability to accomplish them determines whether you will accomplish them.  Positive thinking controls your future.

Most of us act on our feelings without ever recognizing that feelings do not have a life of their own.  They are inanimate.  They don’t just “come”.  We bring them to the surface.  We are truly in control of our feelings.  But if we are acting on our ‘feelings’, and we have control of our feelings, then we also have control of our future.

Feelings follow thoughts.  If you think you are angry with your spouse you will also feel that anger.  If you think you are in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend then you will feel love.  If you think you are successful you will feel successful no matter what your current station in life.  Begin to develop control over your thoughts and the self talk you do each day.

Catch yourself as you talk to yourself.  What are you saying?  Are they positive thoughts about your life and your ability to achieve or are you negating your achievements and determining your outcome before you even take that first step?

Positive thinking controls your future through retrieval of positive memories.  Retrieve and remember positive thoughts clearly.  By having memories you can retrieve you have the option of changing and creating choices for yourself.

Positive thinking is achieved through the influence of your environment.  Chose the people with whom you spend time very carefully.  You become who you hang out with.  If most of your friends are negative naysayers who believe your dreams are pie in the sky pipe dreams then you will not achieve them.  If you want success you hang around people who are successful.  Want to be positive about your life?  Make positive people your friends.

The law of attraction is at work here.  Positive thinking controls your future through the law of attraction.  There are many books and movies that address this law from the Bible to ‘Think and Grow Rich’ to the movie ‘The Secret”.  Each publication addresses the law from a different angle but make no mistake, it is the same law.

If you are a positive thinker you will attract the positive in life.  If you have a negative outlook then negative things will happen in your live.  You think, therefore you achieve.

People who wish to attract success into their lives focus on the opportunities they see in every situation while others see the obstacles they must overcome.  Successful people don’t ignore the obstacles but they see them as opportunities instead of insurmountable stumbling blocks that will create a negative emotional force in their lives.

People who use positive thinking to control their future see potential growth and rewards while others see the risk and the loss potential. Positive thinking has no effect unless you take some kind of massive action to improve your results and create your future.

A key principle in the law of attraction and positive thinking is that successful people focus on what they do want while others focus on what they don’t want.  For instance rich people focus on getting richer while less fortunate people focus on not being poor.  The focus of thinking is different – the rich want more wealth while the poor just want to pay their bills.  If you desire to just pay the bills then that is what you’ll attract and you’ll just pay the bills never really getting ahead of the game.

Positive thinkers admire others in the position they wish to attain while others resent the people who have what they want.  While positive thinking controls your future life’s achievement it also affects how you live today – whether that is with gratefulness and gratitude for others who have gone before you or with anger, bitterness and resentment because you weren’t there first.

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Boost Your Energy With These Important Vitamins

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Everything from standing, walking, talking, eating, and playing requires energy. And without providing the necessary energy to your body, you will feel drained and lethargic. So, just as we charge the battery of our cell phones, we require vitamins for energy, for charging our body and keep us going.


Classification Of Vitamins And Their Importance

Read on about some of the vitamins whose deficiency can seriously make you weak.

Vitamin B:

This vitamin is responsible for the production of energy and its use. It is further bifurcated into eight vitamins for energy that will keep you far from fatigue and will also revitalize the body.

Vitamin B1/ Thiamin

It strengthens the immune system of the body, which causes the brain as well as the nervous system to work efficiently. It is also responsible for the process of metabolism.


Vitamin B2 /Riboflavin

Requisite for producing energy with the help of chemical reactions, the deficiency of Vitamin B2 can leave people sluggish and worn-out.

Vitamin B3/ Niacin

This vitamin takes care of high cholesterol that is primarily responsible for eating up the energy of an individual.

Vitamin B5/ Pantothenic acid

This vitamin aids body in restoration of energy and saves a person from falling ill.

Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine

This vitamin guards the arteries. It provides enough oxygen to the body so that energy can be produced.

Vitamin B9/ Folic acid

It has a great role in development of red blood cells as these cells maintain the basic energy level.

Vitamin B12/ Cyanocobalamin

It is important for replenishment of energy.


It is significant for energy because it facilitates proteins as well as fats that convert the food in energy.

Vitamin C:

One vitamin that is a good source for energy is certainly Vitamin C. The cellular functions in a body are performed by this vitamin. This suggests that in case you have become drained out by the hectic activities throughout the day then it will repair your body and get you back to a rejuvenated self the next morning. Deficiency of Vitamin C can impede the performance of an individual.

Other Nutritional Energy Supplements:

Iron: Deficiency of iron can cause Anemia which can result in lethargy. Hence, iron is an essential source of energy especially for women.

Magnesium: This nutritional supplement carries out body functions such as muscle health, production of red blood cells, as well as providing energy.

Intake of vitamins for energy is essential for a healthy living. So, say goodbye to lethargy and consume these top vitamins for energy properly.


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Motivation Over Mind To Kill Your Addiction

Addiction of any sort is very difficult for most people to overcome without some extreme motivation.  Addictions come in many forms, such as smoking, overeating, drugs and alcohol and even gambling.

Most people can only overcome addiction by motivating themselves to kick the habit. Motivation is in the mind and the right frame of mind can help you overcome your addiction.

Achieving the right frame of mind usually comes from realizing all that you have to lose if you do not stop your addiction. 

Addictions happen over a long period of time. It forms slowly and then becomes a mental issue by associating the habit with dependency. When you find that you cannot indulge your addiction it becomes frustrating, uncomfortable and for many people, intolerable. Even if your addiction is not bad for you or your health, it can consume you and make your life more difficult. Others around you will also notice your addiction and it can get in the way of  and destroy your work or relationships.

In order to overcome most addictions, you must motivate yourself to stop the habit. Addictions have a way of creeping into our lives and most of the time; we may not even notice that we have had six cups of coffee or played online poker for three hours straight. Addictions are habits and are performed repeatedly. Sometimes, these additions become so ingrained in a person’s mind that they continue without a thought. A person who has little control over their mind or is weak-minded can have a much more difficult time overcoming the addiction.

The key to overcoming addiction is telling yourself that you are motivated to stop. It may take days or weeks or even months to stop the habit, but by replacing the addiction with sometime positive, it is easier. For those who are trying to stop smoking or give up caffeine, sometimes chewing gum can help. Anything that can replace the negative behavior can take the place. For those who are trying to stop overeating, maybe a quick walk around the block to take their mind off of the food can help.

The threat of legal trouble, destroying a relationship, loss of parental rights, and losing a job are frequent triggers that motivate those who have trouble with addiction to alcohol and drugs.

 Motivation is sometimes hard during addictive behavior. It is often difficult to stay focused and on track when your mind wants to continue the behavior. Motivation is why you do what you do. When you are ceasing a negative behavior, you must stop and think about what is motivating you to stop the addiction.

 Smoking can be detrimental not only to your health, but to others around you. In addition, it is expensive. The same goes for drinking alcohol. Maybe you participate in other forms of addiction that are not so bad for you such as gambling. While it is not bad for your health, it can be expensive. It can also take away quality time from your family. Whatever it is, you must decide on what is motivating you stop.

Motivation is sometimes easier when you can reward yourself. Everyone is different, but some type of reward can often motivate the weakest person. A reward system can work for nearly any type of addiction. Another great way to stop an undesirable addiction is to surround yourself with positive people and always keep track of your success. Both of these are good motivators when you are trying to stop an addiction.

If you are trying to stop drinking, then surround yourself with others who do not drink. Those are the people that can support and motivate you in a difficult situation and will not tempt you to fall back into your old routine. When you keep track of your success, you will also feel motivated to continue. This can be in the form of writing a journal, keeping a log or just talking to someone who has been with you throughout the process. You will see how far you have come, even if you have set back and you will stay motivated and focused and want to continue.

In addition, when you are trying to break a habit or stop an addiction of any kind you must always remember that you will not be perfect everyday. The expectation of perfection will break your spirit and will not motivate you when you have set backs. Addictions form very slowly over a long period of time and you should not expect that you would be able to break the habit overnight. Your addiction recovery will take a long time, too. But, with the right motivation you can break your addiction cycle.