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Healthy Tips For Busy Mothers

As mothers, the majority of us are more concerned with the health and wellness of our children than we are of our own health. It’s very easy for mothers to overlook their health because of the everyday responsibilities they face. For example, mothers have to make sure that the kids are up, dressed and fed before they head off to school first thing every morning. Then, for many mothers, they are off to work themselves. Once work is finished, it’s time to hurry back home and take the kids to their extracurricular activities, run errands, pick them back up, go home, fix dinner, make sure the kids’ homework gets done, they bathe and brush their teeth and are in bed at a decent hour.

Of course, all of this is excluding the extra stuff like keeping the house clean, doing laundry, paying bills, etc. Now you can probably see why many mothers aren’t concerned with their health. You may be one of these women yourself. If so, then please understand that it’s important for you to stay healthy. After all, if you get sick then who is going to get everything done? Below are some healthy tips that you need to follow to ensure your good health.

Tip #1 – Eat: Obviously, you don’t have a lot of time to eat, but this is essential to staying healthy. Most of us know that we need to eat three meals a day, but do you also know that you should be eating at least two snacks a day as well? This will keep your metabolism going and your energy levels up – so don’t skimp on your food. You should be eating healthy foods too. Things like yogurt, fruit, granola bars and nuts are quick, easy and healthy!

Tip #2 – Drink: Water that is. In addition to eating healthy foods, you need to be drinking water throughout your day. We’ve all heard the “8 glasses a day” speech so I’m not going to give it to you again. Just stay properly hydrated. It will keep your energy levels up as well as flush the impurities out of your body and ward off urinary tract infections and much more.

Tip #3 – Exercise: Your body needs exercise each day and it doesn’t care whether you’re a mother or not. Although you may find yourself busy throughout the day and exhausted at the end of the day, it’s important that you squeeze in at least 20-30 minutes of exercise each day. There are several ways you can do this. For instance, you can go on a walk after dinner, play Xbox Kinect or Nintendo Wii games with your family or enroll in a yoga class at a fitness club.

Tip #4 – Be Happy: As women and mothers, we tend to overload ourselves with work, family and worries. There isn’t much time to focus on being happy. However, this is important too. Studies have shown that, generally, happy people are healthier people. In order to become happier, consider setting aside a little time for yourself every day – or week – to do something you like doing. This time will help you feel refreshed and become happier.

Tip #5 – Sleep: Getting a good night of sleep is critical to your overall health. Sleep is when your body recharges itself. So, naturally, if you aren’t getting enough sleep you aren’t operating on a “full battery,” which means you’ll wear out quicker. It also means your body will too, which depletes your immune system. So, get the sleep you need at night.

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Why Do You Do What You Do- The Bad Stuff

We have all had bad days when things just did not go smooth. The type of day where no amount of planning or focus can make things click. It may have been that phone call in the morning that did or did not come, a restless night, an employee that isn’t up to par that day, or maybe everyones biorhythms are just out of sync.

The possibilities are endless……….

The type of day that makes you forget what you found passionate about your work, an unrewarding day and full of frustration.

The type of day that makes it important to frequently take a self evaluation of what you are doing, why you are doing it, what you had to do to get there, and what it cost you or you have lost along the way.

Success works in peculiar ways.

Freidson wrote an article, “Profession of Medicine:  A Study of the Sociology of Applied Knowledge”, almost 40 years ago.

The article discusses 5 physician traits and what makes us do what we do.

1. Do physicians believe in what they are doing?

2..Do physicians prefer action, even with little chance of success, over no action at  all?

3. Do physicians see apparent cause/effect relationships even in their absence?

4. Do physicians depend more on personal judgments than on empirical evidence?

5. Do physicians chalk it up to chance, when things go wrong?

These questions can be easily applied to all of us. It does not matter if you are a nurse, banker, school teacher or parent. Deep inside we all have unique reasons for why we do what we do.

All of us should take time, periodically, to step back and do a self analysis. Reflect on why we do what we do. It is easy to get stuck in our daily routines and forget what brought us to this point in our careers, relationships, and life.

Do we still have the same passion for what we do? Are we able to change with the system? Is it still worth the less than optimal days that go with all aspects of life? Do we still awaken with the same attraction that was there in the beginning? Has it lost its glamour? Do you love it as much as you once did?

If you find the passion is still there, don’t let the “bad stuff” get in the way of the life that you want to live. Look at the “bad stuff” as tools to help you tweak the system for a better tomorrow.


Happiness Uncovered

Do any of us know what makes us happy?

What is required to maintain happiness on a day to day basis?

I am sure we all have ideas of what would make us happy. A new car,

bigger house, deeper bank account, or a new relationship. Many have

experienced or obtained these wants and needs on more than one

occassion in our lives, some multiple times.

If these things required repeating can we really say they brought us


Life is full of trials, tribulations, heartbreak, elation, and sadness.

Enough to make even the best of us put up a wall to keep out danger

and prevent the stirring up of old emotions. However, this same shield we

use for self preservation prevents us from growing and developing a

deeper understanding of ourselves. We may never find our true self.

Relationships are not meant to make us happy. That special other was

not brought into your life to give you happiness.

Happiness is an outcome of appropriate relationships.

Frequently in the beginning there are so many barriers created from past

experiences, that even the smallest sting or misunderstanding can cause

something wonderful to come tumbling down, destroying something that

may have had the potential to prosper.

Only by allowing ourselves to become more transparent can we

experience the good and the bad which allows us to grow. Then

hopefully we have acquired enough resources through personal growth to

allow ourselves to make the right decisions in life that lead us on the

right path to finding true happiness.

If you find yourself still looking, try becoming a little more

transparent, embrace the difficult, and start moving towards that

happiness you desire.


Achieving Healthy Love

Today, we are all faced with so much stress related to work, money, and family that our health and relationships take a back seat to other demands. Ultimately the most important things in our lives seem to suffer.

When your time together is limited it is hard to find the motivation to exercise.

If you are wanting to improve your health and optimize your relationships try working out with your spouse or current love interest.

There are endless possibilities as to how you can exercise and get healthy together.

You could go for a walk in a scenic location. You could play tennis, golf, basketball, racquetball, or swimming. Consider joining a gym and creatively come up with a routine that works for both of you. You and your partner can use each other for encouragement, motivation, and assistance during certain exercises.

Try getting into your significant other’s head and ask them what the two of you could do together to help improve your health outside the bedroom.

If you care about each other, the two of you will be truely concerned about each other’s health and fitness. Routine exercise, together, will help lower your stress level, improve your fitness, and improve your relationship.

Make it a point to compliment your partner on how well they are doing. This will keep their motivation up and help their self esteem. Make things a little competitive to keep it interesting.

There are physical and mental benefits to routine exercise. Exercising helps control your weight and improve your appearance. Your partner will love the new you, unless they are members of the 2 percent of the population that doesn’t care about the appearance of someone they are interested in.

Routine exercise has been proven to help improve anxiety and depression. Endorphins are released that help with pain control and give a sense of well being.

Exercising will help lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and premature death. I am sure that your spouse or significant other would like to grow older with a new healthier you.

Starting today, take your significant other and get moving. Make it your mission to improve your health and relationship with simple exercise.


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