Losing Weight Fast Without Diet Pills

How often do you feel nagged that you need to be thin, in shape and have a perfect looking body?

No matter where you turn or what you watch, you are constantly reminded about losing weight. A lot of individuals feel pressure to start losing weight fast, which means they often turn to the use of diet pills to get the job done.

Though some diet pills are effective for losing weight fast, they often do just that – dieters lose weight initially, but they don’t keep that weight off for the long run.

So how do you go about losing weight fast without using diet pills?

Individuals that want to lose weight and do so quickly have more options than just a tiny pill.

In fact, the two most popular methods to lose weight quickly and keep it off are the same methods that have been around for decades: diet and exercise.

When we say “diet”, we don’t mean starving yourself or following one of those many fad diets that require you to eat no carbohydrates or drink special shakes. Diet simply means what you are eating and drinking, and how much of it is consumed.

Losing weight fast starts with caloric intake. In order to lose weight, you need to understand how much you eat, what you are eating, and start limiting that to what your body really needs. Most of us eat more calories than our body requires in order to function; that means we are ultimately packing on the pounds just by eating regularly. You can calculate your total caloric needs using online tools that will take into account your weight, age, height and a few other physical factors.

Once you have a daily caloric intake amount your body needs, you are not done. Now it is time to track what you have been eating by keeping a food diary. Start reading the back of labels and counting the calories you are eating, the fat you are taking in, etc. Online calorie counter tools are available for both your computer as well as your smartphone to help you track what you are eating daily. Track your caloric intake for one week and see where you are going overboard. You cannot start losing weight fast until you know what you are eating and where you need to cutback.

A person cannot start losing weight fast just by watching what they eat. Though a healthy, well-balanced diet will help lose a few pounds and even keep them off, a person needs to burn the excess fat and firm up muscles in order to lose weight and look fit. The start of an exercise regimen does not mean you need to buy expensive workout DVDs or even equipment. Often you can start losing weight fast simply by integrating simple workout methods into your daily routine such as taking a walk or going jogging daily, adding more physical activity into your daily routine or even doing yoga two to three times per week. Start your exercise out slow and slowly increase the intensity by working out at least three times per week.

Losing weight fast doesn’t mean you need to take some magical pill. Often these diet pills are untested or have limited results proving they even help a person lose weight to begin with. If you want to start losing weight fast, start changing the way you eat, exercise and live – you will be surprised at how quickly you lose those pounds and keep them off with such a simple weight loss method.

Instead of losing weight fast, make it your goal to lose one pound a week. That is 52 pounds a year.

To lose one pound a week you need to decrease your caloric intake 500 calories or burn 500 calories per day.

Another option is to decrease your intake 250 calories and burn 250 calories per day with exercise.



The Power Of Fear In Helping You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

There are many reasons people want to lose weight. Anyone that decides they need to lose a few pounds most likely has experienced some trigger that caused them to start taking action. A group of individuals wanting to lose weight will have very similar triggers as well as unique triggers for each person.

The common triggers are to be more healthy, more energy, look better in clothes, look sexier, get more dates, and the list goes on.

More emotional triggers include something someone said that hurt your feelings, not getting asked out for a date, not being able to participate in activities that your friends do, someone made fun of the clothes you are wearing, and never getting nice comments about how you look. Anyone wanting to lose weight has probably experienced at least one of the above that made them decide they were not going to take it anymore.

These are all good examples of what may prompt someone to wake up and start a weight loss program; however, once the emotional trauma has settled down they are not enough to keep you motivated to stick with a weight loss plan.

There has to be something bigger and more important to keep you motivated to exercise and watch your diet day in and day out.

Despite all your needs and wants, you may find they are not enough to keep you sticking with a weight loss plan.

Fear can be the greatest motivator of all.

The best reason to lose weight is for the health of it. The fear of losing your health should be the number one motivator that keeps you taking action.

If you do not have your health then all of the above triggers are meaningless.

Your odds of developing heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and suffering a stroke go up dramatically the longer you are over weight.

If you do not change your mindset on weight loss you may ultimately find yourself in a vicious cycle of declining health. The more your health declines the more difficult it will become to do the right things that will help you to achieve optimal health.

Being overweight can lead to arthritic changes in your joints and daily pain . The constant pain will make you less inclined to exercise and do what is necessary to live a healthier lifestyle.

Living a sedentary lifestyle will result in your gaining more weight. As your weight increases, so does your blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure can lead to problems with heart disease, strokes, visual problems, and kidney disease.

The increase in blood pressure places stress on your heart that can ultimately result in the weakening of your heart muscle, heart rhythm problems and heart attacks. After a heart attack you may find you are doing well to just get out of bed and walk to the bathroom, that is assuming it does not kill you. This can become quite discouraging and lead to depression and ongoing problems with inactivity.

At this point exercising to lose weight, so that you can get that hot date, will probably be the last thing on your mind.








Sedentary individuals are also prone to more problems with their cholesterol levels. Your cholesterol is affected by genetics, diet, exercise and activity level. Increased cholesterol can lead to plaque build up and hardening of the arteries of your heart and peripheral blood vessels. The plaque build up may contribute to a minor or major heart attack that can leave you crippled. Poor circulation in your legs can result in pain when walking resulting in your reluctance or inability to walk more than a short distance, due to pain and your legs tiring quickly.


High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes can all play a role in someone suffering a stroke. If you suffer a major stroke you will probably not get very excited about going on a date or hanging out at the beach. Minor or mini strokes are a warning sign of bigger things to come if you do not take reponsibility for your health.


You should be able to see how being over weight can lead to a downward spiral in your health. All of those emotional triggers suddenly take a back seat to being able to get from one day to the next.

This does not even take into account the financial burden that can occur as a result of being obese. The cost of medications, possible hospitalization and following up with your doctor can become overwhelming.

The bottom line is that your Health should be your primary reason for wanting to lose weight.

Make it your mission to learn and do what it takes to maintain and improve your health.

If you are not serious about living healthier and doing what it takes to achieve optimal health, then you will never stick to any weight loss program long enough to achieve healthy consistent weight loss.

If you want to boost your self esteem and confidence, start out with small simple steps with a goal to lose one pound a week and use this as your foundation for consistent, long term weight loss.



Your Own Special Diet And Weight Loss Plan

 If you are not new to dieting then you may feel like you have been on every diet known to man.

Maybe you were on the diet where you eat nothing but cabbage soup or hot dogs? How about the one where you drink all of your meals or the one that makes you eat so little you feel like you have turned into a bird?

There are multiple diets out there that do work for some people; however, the majority of us trying to lose weight have special needs and preferences that will help us lose weight and keep the weight off for an extended period of time.

The best diet plans discuss healthy ways to lose weight. The plan should cover learning how to eat, exercise tips, and how to develop a motivational mindset that is appropriate for your specific diet plan.

When trying to develop healthy habits it is best to take things one step at a time.

Exercise should be a consideration, but is not mandatory when you first start a new diet plan. Changing your eating habits can be stressful, so start out with baby steps and implement exercise after you have had time to adjust to your new eating habits.

Taking things one step at a time will make it less likely that you give up on your diet and weight loss plan resolutions for the new year.

Your primary goal should be implementing a diet plan that your are willing to stick to for an extended period of time.

This does not mean you have to stick with one weight loss regimen the entire year. You may find you achieve weight loss success by changing to another diet that you think is more appropriate every 30 days. This will help prevent boredom with the diet plan and keep you motivated.

You may grow tired of one diet option and have different food cravings or even nutritional needs from week to week or month to month.

This type of dieting can be more successful, since it allows the individual to have more control over their diet and exercise plan.

The following are six diet and weight loss plans we will be discussing in the future:

Healthy Home Meal Diet Plan

Best Diet Plan For The Fast Food Junkie

The Overeaters Diet Plan

The Ultimate Diet Plan For Night Grazers

The Optimal Quick Weight Loss Plan

The Selfish Eaters Diet Plan

Make this your year to finally shed the unwanted pounds, so that you can start living an optimal, healthier, and longer life.


Do You Know The Difference Between The hCG Diet Plan And Other Weight Loss Plans

The main difference between hCG diet plans and other weight loss plans is the fact that you also take regular doses of the hCG hormone as you’re dieting. The hCG hormone comes in two different forms – oral drops and injections.

The hCG diet plans also include a strict limitation of caloric intake. When taking the injections or drops and limiting your calories to 500 calories per day for a certain amount of time (depending on how much weight you want to lose), the system is burning at least 2,000 calories simply from the stored fat in your body.

While other calorie-based diets usually suggest certain food groups to choose from, hCG diet plans require that what you eat is from a highly specific menu. For example, when the menu calls for chicken breast, you shouldn’t substitute turkey breast.

There are certain seasonings that you can use liberally on plain foods to make it more palatable and interesting. Seasonings such as cinnamon and cardamom can be sprinkled on fruit such as apples. These types of seasoning don’t add calories and are acceptable to use on hCG diet plans.

The hCG hormone that’s included in hCG diet plans serves the purpose of stimulating the hypothalamus gland. When this gland is stimulated, your metabolism is recalibrated and works at burning fat in a rapid and efficient manner even after you stop taking the hCG hormones.

hCG diet plans require that you go through three phases of dieting. Phase 1 is a low calorie phase and might include cleansing of the body system. This can proceed for several days. At the end of the low calorie part of the first phase, you’ll binge on high calorie foods.

This phase is important and much different than most diet plans. You might think of the end of this phase like a car that’s run out of gasoline. It begins to sputter, trying to use every last drop of gas to run on. As soon as you fill up the car with more gas, the engine begins to run smoothly.

Your body is working the same way on hCG diet plans. During the low calorie phase, your body is using fat that’s been stored in your body to get every ounce of energy it cans to keep the body running. During the binging process, the body resets itself and the metabolism that’s designed to burn fat begins to purr and do its job efficiently.

Kevin Trudeau made hCG diet plans popular with the publication of his book, “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About.” Trudeau’s book is based on the findings of the late Dr. Simeon who researched hCG diet plans and the effect that the hCG hormone had to reducing fat in obese people.

Trudeau’s theory was that the FDA didn’t want the news to get out about the hCG hormone and hCG diet plans because it would make other diet plans defunct and millions of dollars would be lost by companies who base their profits on diet plans that don’t really work.