There’s an old joke that says that married men live longer – or maybe it just seems that way. All laughing aside, it is true that men who have a spouse outlive single men and even men who are in an intimate relationship but haven’t tied the knot.

Entering into a committed relationship has been referred to as ‘settling down.’ That’s because marriage can be a benefit in emotional and physical ways. When a married man has a problem or is worried about something, his wife is there to offer much needed emotional support.

When he becomes ill or is injured, a wife offers physical support. Often, spouses develop such a bond that there’s also an underlying friendship that makes it easier to find a soft place to fall when the world isn’t always kind.

Men who are married tend to achieve more in life both academically and at work due to a more stable living environment. There’s a comfort felt in knowing that they are loved and that someone is rooting for their achievements and comforting them when things go badly at work.

Men who were once risk takers learn to think in terms of how their actions will affect their loved ones. They want to be around for the sake of their wives and eventually, for the sake of their children.

Married men live longer because they’re happier and less stressed than single men are. When there’s a situation that needs to be handled, there’s someone they can go to and share the burden.

They also have someone who’s concerned with their health and their overall well being. They’re more likely to go see the doctor when they have a physical problem at their wife’s suggestion.

The mental, emotional and physical side of having sex on a regular basis has much support in the medical field. Men who faithfully engage with their intimate partner enjoy lowered blood pressure and reap the benefits of testosterone.

Sex can lower your risk of having a heart attack, releases the body’s feel good hormones and keeps the prostate healthier. While sex can be a key component to helping give a man a longer lifespan, cheating on your intimate partner can do the opposite as feelings of guilt and remorse can lead to stress.

Married men live longer by being part of a family that plays together. Having regular outings – marital play dates if you will – can boost energy levels, add relaxation and relieve stress.

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