Personal Development Goals To Consider

What to Consider When Writing Down Your Personal Development Goals

There is a good person inside each and everyone. Sometimes, other people’s personalities are masked by their arrogance or selfishness, which is why it is all that others see.

Fortunately, a certain circumstance or situation can lead to a personality change.

People can change for the better if they so desire.

It may take time and extreme effort but it can be done. Personality development is evolving, just as change is constant. There is always room for improvement, personality included.

You might consider these personality development goals for yourself. All these are geared towards improving your life.

Evaluate your Character and get rid of Bad Habits

This goal is easier said than done. It can be hard to get rid of bad habits because they have been ingrained deep in your personality.

But if you stop and take stock of your life, you can actually do something to change it.

Getting rid of bad habits will improve you as a person. In turn, your life will be improved for the better. You can try to rid yourself of the habit of being always late, for example.

It is rude to let other people wait for you.

You are wasting their precious time by not showing up on time. To change that, you can try to wake up earlier. And you might try sleeping earlier so you won’t have to wake up late.

Communicating Well

Despite the fact that people talk to each other every day, communication is still hampered.

There are times when people fail to express their real feelings to others.

If you think of really successful people, you will realize they know how to talk well.

They are persuasive and charming and can sway people to believe in what they are saying.

If you are a bit shy, learn how to communicate better.

Learn to look people in the eye during a conversation. But more importantly, become a good listener.

You must also learn to empathize.

When you relate to what people are saying they become interested what you have to say. Being courteous should never be forgotten. Being polite and minding your manners counts. Be updated and knowledgeable, it is very valuable when communicating with others.

Learn to Adapt

Any person will encounter all types of situations in his lifetime. Some are favorable while others may be unfavorable or unpleasant. The same goes for people. There will always be people you will not like or approve of. But that does not mean you have to avoid them.

A person with great personality is able to deal with anything.

He can adjust his behavior to anyone, anytime and anywhere. No one can live alone, so you must learn to survive with others.

And because not everyone has the same personality as yours, there will times when ideas and characters will clash.

In that case, you can be the bigger person and give in.

The development of your personality depends on your attitude and outlook in life.

Taking a look inside at your good and not so good qualities and see where simple changes can be made to start improving your life.

Making small changes in yourself does not have to take alot of effort if you believe in yourself.

6 Strategies For Staying Positive During Hard Times

Any person can be capable of having a positive attitude when things are going well.

The key is knowing how to stay positive when times are hard or things are not going well.

That is what determines the strength of your moral fiber.

An appropriate attitude means feeling optimistic in difficu

Reflect on your accomplishments and all the good in your life. Your alive on this planet, your health, your children and family, career and all that you already have.

The following are 6 Strategies for staying positive and maintaining a winning attitude:

1. Show Enthusiasm- look and sound excited about life and what you are doing. Openly displaying how enthusiastic you are about the passions in your life can be infectious.

2. Look Like A Winner –  keep your head up and walk the walk, dress the part, a firm handshake that shows you are glad to be alive and happy to meet that person. Smile and telling others hello can be infectious. It is almost impossible to feel down when you are making others feel good.

3. Make Others Feel Good – no one ever made a friend or accomplished something meaningful by dwelling on the bad things in life. Sharing positive news promotes positive feelings. Listening to what someone else has to say, with sincere interest, can change that person’s life.  Make it your goal to make everyone you meet feel better about themselves and the world around them.

4. See Yourself Winning – all peak performers visualize success.  Olympians see themselves winning even before the competition begins.

5. Positive Self Talk- What did you say to yourself today? Did you moan and groan about everyone. What we think is 100% reflected in how we feel. If all we think about is negative thoughts, our actions will be negative.

6. Love Others – Bring encouragement, optimism, and hope to all that you meet. Help others feel comfortable in your presence. Spread joy and goodwill. Be concerned about the wishes and desires of others. Be understanding, caring, accepting, and forgiving. Become more concerned about helping others achieve their individual desires.

Continuously reflecting on where you have been and the steps you have taken to get there can be invaluable when something in your life is not going as well as you had planned.

Do not just think about your successes, actually write them down and what it took to achieve that success including any stepping stones along the way and how you overcame those roadblocks.

It can be difficult to think straight and recall all the positive things that have happened in your life when you are struggling daily for money to pay the bills, feed your family, pay the mortgage  and many others.

A simple solution to the problem  may be right in front of you, but the current stressors in your life are preventing you from seeing the answer.

If you are stumped with finding a solution or at your wits end it is time to get up and change your environment. It may seem like the part of your brain involved in decision making and finding solutions is spinning in a never ending loop allowing you to only think about one thing, the problems in your life.

Dwelling on issues in the same place, around the same people can create that loop or mental wall. Getting up and taking a walk, going for a run, working out, reading something inspirational, meditation or just driving down the road changes the environment and will help remove those mental roadblocks.

Relaxing physically and mentally can help remove those roadblocks and allow you to see potential solutions from a different perspective.

Creating a team can help lower your stress by letting others take on task freeing up your time. The team can be made up of a friend that is able and willing to look at your issues objectively and sharing their opinion.

As you get older and your life obligations increase you should pursue creating a team made up of an accountant, lawyer, and financial advisor. You may be great at handling all your daily task on your own, one at a time; however, it can become overwhelming trying to know all there is to know about everything and making the best decision for you and your family. The extra cost will pay for itself in peace of mind by using others that can look at your total picture, objectively, and help you make decisions about the future of your family, business and life.

Maintaining a positive attitude when times are hard can be one of the most difficult challenges in your life.

Constantly reflecting on your successes and how you achieved them will help keep you moving in a positive direction.


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