Can Touching Someone Change Their Life

Can touching someone change their life 

This is the season when we all reflect on our past, family, friends, loved ones, and our future. It can be a stressful time of year even with support from family and friends.

It is hard to believe there are those out there that have lost contact with family and friends. It is easy to see how someone forgotten or no longer has family could feel a loss of hope. You may be one of them.

I have had the oppurtunity, through the years, to witness patients that had no hope for survival, suddenly have their condition turn around without any change in medical intervention. You were left wondering what changed, that helped them begin to improve against all odds.

I have had others that began to experience a decline in health without any obvious explanation. These patients had lost contact with family and friends. No one would call or come to see them. The had lost hope and had no incentive to keep living.

I have also seen both situations make a turn for the better. All it took was someone that cared taking the time to sit down next to them, hold their hand, listen to what they had to say, and give them some words of encouragement.

We all could easily become one of the above patients.

We all may have experienced or encountered others that are suffering frustration, loss of hope, and are feeling like giving up on many life issues. It may be a job you are troubled with, a relationship where things just aren’t clicking, financial pressure, acute and chronic illness, death of a loved one, and many more.

If you want to make a difference in someone’s life this year take the time to show some compassion.

Touch them.

Compliment them.

Forgive them for the past.

Take time to listen to them.

Frequently a little touch is all it takes to turn someone’s life around.

Your spouse, lover, family, friends and even strangers shouldn’t have to be on their death bed to get your attention.

Add a little touch to your daily routine and change someone’s life.