The Right Diet To Help You Live Longer

There’s a live longer diet you should hear about. It’s not so much about giving up your favorite foods as it is adding in foods that contribute to a healthy lifespan. There are foods rich in antioxidants, foods that keep weight down, and many with a myriad of additional health benefits.

Healthy eating means eating your fruits and vegetables and limiting the amount of foods that can be bad for your body. But it also means eating foods that are considered anti aging foods.

These foods are high in fiber and lower in calorie that what you’d normally eat. Consider that not everyone should consume the same amount of calories when trying to lose weight.

You may see that you’re eating fewer calories than what the doctors say you should. As long as you’re healthy and are giving your body the nutrition it needs, focus on that rather than how many calories you ‘should’ eat.

High fiber foods help flush out unwanted elements from your body and can help prevent certain cancers. Try adding whole grains to your menu, whether that’s in the form of whole grain bread on your sandwich or oatmeal in the morning for breakfast.

Don’t just add any vegetables to your diet, add those that have the biggest impact on your health, and work well in a live longer diet regimen. That includes things like broccoli (raw or steamed), green leafy vegetables like turnip, mustard or collard greens, onions, and sweet potatoes to name a few. Those vegetables are rich in antioxidants and each one has it own healthy side benefit.

Pick the right meats to add into your live longer diet plan. Don’t go for cuts of beef that are marbled, which is what the waiter will brag about to you. Go for lean cuts like filet mignon.

Chicken is a better option than red meat, and better yet, add oily fish into your diet. Fish like mackerel, herring, trout and salmon are all oily fish options and you don’t have to take those enormous fish oil pills that result in ‘fish burps’ later on.

Choose from a list of the healthiest fruits. Apples help cholesterol and are packed with fiber if you eat the skin. Bananas help prevent stroke and rising blood pressure. Berries stave off cancer. And kiwi fruit strengthens your immune system.

A live longer diet may sound like you have to toss everything in the cabinets, but if you approach it as an addition rather than a sacrifice, you’ll be too full from good foods to sneak in many of the unhealthy options.