Live Longer With Exercise

If you exercise, the idea that you’ll live longer is a guarantee. But getting out of bed for that workout isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be. It’s cold in the winter, dark outside and who wants to hit the pavement jogging at the hour?

Or finishing up work when your body is zapped of all its strength and you think you can’t possibly do more than fire up the television at home, let alone hit the gym, can be a real trial.

Yet, just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, you know that exercise does so much good for your body. If only exercise weren’t so hard to get around to doing! You know what’s said about exercise. You’ve heard it all.

Exercising gives you more body strength, raises your stamina, helps fight against heart attacks, keeps your blood pressure at a good level and even gives you more self esteem. You might even know that starting a regular exercise routine right now will make it easier on your body to get around when you’re older.

But it’s still hard for you to find the motivation to move. Here are some ways that you can make exercise a part of your life and even learn to love it. If you don’t focus on the hard work of exercise, live longer won’t just be a wish but a more concrete possibility.

Who doesn’t want to be around long enough to do what they’ve always wanted to do? See the world? Be active with your grandchildren or significant other? Celebrate an eightieth birthday? Or hundredth?

While it’s true that exercise tones the muscles so that you look healthy and fit on the outside, exercise gets those organs healthy and fit on the inside of the body, too. Every organ in the body can stay healthier longer with exercise.

When you exercise, the kidney functions are improved as you tone your body and get rid of any unnecessary fat. When you carry the best amount of weight for your body’s framework, you make the job your organs have to do a lot easier and they don’t have to work as hard.

Exercising can boost your lung function, keep your heart beating at maximum potential and can help joint pain that’s caused by arthritis. The worst thing you can do for your body is to sit around and not exercise. You subtract time from your life. Time you could give to yourself and your loved ones.

So how do you exercise, live longer, if you absolutely dread it? You learn to reward yourself. Use a chart if you need to and for each half an hour that you exercise, give yourself a treat.

It could be something as simple as buying yourself a new outfit, picking up an item for your home or putting aside money for a big ticket item. Reward yourself when you reach certain milestones.

Exercised a week without fail? Or went a month and stuck to the routine? Then you should treat yourself. Set both short term and long term goals. Not only will your body get rewarded by feeling better, but you’ll find that you’re looking forward the rewards you give yourself. For a long term goal, you might try the reward of taking a vacation somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

4 Tips On Finding Time To Exercise For Optimal Health

Achieving better fitness and health is high on the list of “things to do someday” for most people. The overall health benefits of exercise are wide-ranging and impressive. However, it is easy to let our busy multi-tasking lives get in the way of doing what is necessary to achieve optimal health.

The new year brings new resolutions to commit to exercising; however, many of us allow other life obligations fill up our time available for achieving better health. This is normal, but not the ideal approach if you hope to live a longer and healthier life.

The key to exercising to achieve better fitness and health is to find ways to exercise even with a busy schedule and wherever we are.

The following are four tips to help you fit exercise into your busy schedule:

1. Exercise Wherever You Are – it is possible for you to exercise wherever you are. If there is a chair available, for example, you can use it to do elevated push-ups, or dips. You can even grab a full can of soup, one for each hand, to add a little weight to virtually any workout. A rolled up towel is an excellent aid to stretching exercises. But the best piece of exercise equipment is with you wherever you go, and that’s you. If you are motivated you can exercise anywhere with a little creativity.

2. Small Things Add Up – you cannot go from flab to fit in a few days even though many fad diets try to convince you otherwise. The good news is that you can start to see big results from small changes. Everything you do will either benefit or impair your ability to get in shape. Simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, choosing a parking spot that is farther away than usual, or walking to complete nearby errands will have a cumulative effect.

3. Discuss With Your Employer – You may be surprised to find that your employer already has an exercise area, or perhaps free passes to a nearby gym. If not, suggest adding an exercise room. Some companies have a health or wellness director; use them as a go-between. If you feel emboldened enough, you could also suggest a brief part of each day when the entire company takes a 5 minute exercise break.

4. Keep Moving – The whole idea here is to keep your body moving. Do leg lifts before you get out of bed, get a telephone headset so you can walk around the room while talking, practice isometrics if you are stuck in traffic. Anything you can do to add some movement into your routine will help. Any time throughout the day that you notice you’re sitting still, get moving.

All it takes is motivation and a little creativity to find a way to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Take action with the above tips and come up with some of your own. No matter what your situation, if you stop and look around you will find many ways that you can add exercise to your day to help you achieve better fitness and health.

The 5 Secrets To Effective Consistent Weight Loss

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The 5 Secrets To Effective Consistent Weight Loss

There are five secrets to weight loss everyone wanting to lose weight for the holidays or next years trip to the beach should know.

Everyone knows that losing  the pounds can be both difficult and frustrating, so why not keep it as simple as possible. We are more likely to achieve success with any goal if we start out with baby steps and build up as we go along. Losing weight should not be approached any differently. Make your first weight loss goal losing one pound, then two pounds, until you have reached you total weight loss goal.

The following are the five secrets to safe, effective weight loss:

 The first secret to weight loss is to talk to your doctor. Your doctor can help you decide the best weight loss program to start with and determine if you may have some underlying medical condition that is preventing you from losing weight. An underactive thyroid gland is a good example of a medical condition that may cause you to gain weight and affect your motivation to exercise. Your doctor will also determine if you have any medical reasons to not be undertaking a weight loss program. 

 Another great secret to weight loss is to improve your posture. This may not create immediate weight loss, but certainly will make you look thinner. If you look thinner you will feel thinner and this will boost your self esteem, improve your confidence and give you motivation to exercise and follow a healthy weight loss diet.  This can also help with the weight loss process itself because good posture when you perform exercises will lead to more effective workouts.

 The third secret to weight loss is to get your whole family involved. It can be very tempting to ditch the salad had have a hamburger with your husband or a taco with your wife, but if the entire family is eating healthy foods, weight loss won’t seem so depressing. Keep the junk food out of the house completely, and everyone will be healthier. Get your family involved in exercising or at least encouraging you to exercise after they know how important weight loss is to help you become healthier and live longer.

The next secret is keep it simple and realistic. It is alot easier to lose one pound a week than it is to lose ten pounds in a week. You have to lose the first pound before you can lose that extra 20-30 pounds you have been lugging around. If you get frustrated from lack of progress or slow progress you will end up abandoning your weight loss program. Start simple by learning what you have to do to lose one pound a week then build on that foundation. Your self esteem will go up when you see you are actually losing weight and keeping it off. This will keep you motivated to keep moving forward with your weight loss plan.

The last secret is to look at what you do through out the day and use those activities to help you in your weight loss plan. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park in the last parking spot at the mall or at work and walk to the front door. Cut out coffee and replace it with tea in the morning. Go outside to play with your children instead of staying indoors. Go out dancing instead of seeing a movie. These little things may not make a big impact on your life in general, but if you do them regularly, the burnt calories will add up and you’ll start to see real results.

If you get nothing else from this report, remember that losing one pound a week only requires you to cut out 500 calories per day or burn 250 calories with exercise and decrease your intake 250 calories.