Make Creating A Healthy Balance Between Work And Family A New Year Resolution

One of the major issues faced by working parents is that they are unable to properly balance their time. Women in particular feel that they are not able to spend quality time with their children because their jobs demand so much of their time.

They need to fulfill their responsibilities at work before they can focus their attention to their family.

Though work is an important part of life, the family should also be on top of the list of priorities.

Do you think that risking your family’s happiness is worth the rewards you get from a job well done at work?

It is very important that you balance these two aspects of your life.

If you can’t focus on both of these things, then you may as well watch the people you love most walk away from you.

So how do you keep things running smoothly?

You can achieve balance by setting up time for both.

If your family’s basic needs rest solely on your income, you can’t also risk your job. In a case like this, the best you can do is set aside your work when you reach home. Leave work in the office and spend some quality time with your loved ones. After all, it is not the length of time you spend with them that counts, it’s how you spend it.

You must have a well thought-out schedule for your family. You can use your spare time wisely.

A picnic at the park or a night spent sitting on the couch to watch movies matter a lot. Your partner and your children are likely to be happy if they see you stick to the plan.

A mother in particular plays many roles. She needs to be a wife, friend, and confidant to the people in her house. If you need to hire help just for that extra time with your husband and children, then do so. You probably go through times when you think you can’t manage everything and still do a good job. Don’t fret and give up. All you need to do is also ask for the help of your family. In order for your home to be happy, you must work as a team. Explain your dilemma and seek advice from those involved. That way, everyone can also understand what you are going through.

Balancing career and family doesn’t have to be viewed as an insurmountable feat, it just requires a bit of juggling.

Every woman is capable of balancing her time. What helps a lot is for you to plan out your schedule and see which responsibility can be fulfilled at home. Paying the bills and shopping can now be done online. See if this helps. Assign tasks to the other family members as well and make a list of jobs to do around the house.

By delegating chores, everyone will also know that their contributions help in making the family happy.

The demands of work and family put a lot of pressure on everyone. You should know that you are not the only member of the family. Seek their help and let them learn the value of collaboration and unity.


Drug Addiction And Family Intervention

When a family is dealing with drug addiction, everyone is affected.  Having an addict in the family can put stress and strain on all relationships as well as the family dynamics.  The addiction causes pain, frustration, and anger in all members involved.  Because it does affect everyone, the need for family therapy is so important.

There are many emotions involved in a family when dealing with drug addiction.  You may find yourself feeling angry toward the addict.  This is normal.  You wonder how this happened, why it happened, and what you could have done to stop it.

You may feel depressed and helpless, even responsible for your loved one’s addiction.  This too is a normal reaction.  Often when someone we love is in pain, such as the pain associated with drug addiction, we tend to look for excuses for their behavior.  We take the pain on for them and don’t make them take responsibility for their actions.

To begin with, realize that this is a huge mistake.  The person with the drug addiction was the one who brought it into your family in the first place, and he or she needs to take responsibility for that.  It’s not easy and will be painful for all involved, but once the addict realizes that their actions have consequences, they can take charge of their recovery fully.

Family therapy is a great way to help with drug addiction.  Family therapy consists of all members of the family getting together with the assistance of a trained professional and talking about the issues that all are having when it comes to the addict and the addiction itself.  Family therapy can be intense but amazingly therapeutic as well.  It’s the perfect time to air your feelings in a safe setting with the help of a moderator to keep things on track.

Family and friends can play critical roles in motivating loved ones with an addiction to enter and stay in treatment.  Family therapy is important – especially with teen addicts.  Having the involvement of family members in a person’s treatment program can strengthen and extend the benefits of the addict’s treatment program.

Drug addiction and family is a volatile situation, but one that can be faced and addressed with love, caring, and compassion.  If your family is affected by drug addiction, be supportive and listen with an open heart.  It will help you, those around you, and most important the family member with the addiction.

5 Things You Can Never Recover


5 Things You Can Never Recover

The weekend has come and will quickly have passed. Most of us reflect on the events of the week gone by at some point during these two days.

Self evaluation of what we accomplished, lives we influenced, and choices we made are important to keep moving forward in a positive way.

All of us can find things we did and decisions we made that we are proud of and some we wish we could go back and do differently.

It is easy to get caught up in dwelling on the negative aspects of the past. All we can do is allow it to occupy a special place in the back of our minds and keep moving forward. The past should remain there as a constant reminder to help us correct future thoughts, behaviors, and actions. There is nothing constructive about negative prior experiences, if we allow them to surface, incessantly, and consume our daily thinking.

There are behaviors we display, and things we say and do that will influence how others perceive us. Our impulsivity can totally alter the way others choose to relate to us from now until eternity.

There are 5 things in life that can never be recovered, if handled wrecklessly.

1. A thrown stone.

2. The passing of time.

3. The special friend, family and love, once they are gone.

4. Words spoken.

5. Your health.

All of us should strive to optimize how we handle the aforementioned 5 issues in our daily lives.

You can’t mend a broken heart.

We shouldn’t allow our ego’s, negligence, and impulsivity to steel all this world has to offer.