Your Checklist For Positive Thinking To Achieve Your Dreams

The end of the year is near and you should be thinking about what you want to accomplish in the coming year.
It is easy to let yourself feel down and negative if the past year has not went as well as you had hoped.

You may not have achieved the financial success you had hoped for,quit or lost a job, suffered medical problems, or may be involved in a floundering relationship. All of the aforementioned are understandable reasons to feel less than optimistic about the future.

You have a choice to lay down and just let the world pass you by or you can let the unfavorable events of the past year serve as stepping stones to help you move forward to achieve your dreams.

There is no doubt that finding the positive in life can be difficult when times are hard. Many of us have been there.

We all can benefit from having a checklist to help us stay focussed and remind us of why we are pursuing our goals in life.

The following checklist reveals 15 strategies to you should review everyday to help you maintain a positive attitude as you strive to achieve your dreams:

1. Eliminate negative thoughts from your mind.

2. Make a decision to achieve your goals.

3. Create a list of positive things that surround achieving your goals.

4. Make a plan to achieve your goal one step at a time.

5. Keep a blog or journal about how you feel and your progress.

6. Stop getting in your own way.

7. Expect setbacks and have a plan B.

8. See yourself achieving your goals.

9. Remind yourself, daily, of why you want to achieve your goals.

10. Believe in yourself and what you want to achieve.

11. Avoid people who bring you down.

12. Understand what makes you happy…reward yourself for small accomplishments.

13. Break each goal down into smaller goals, so that you can recognize success frequently.

14. Look back at where you have been and why you are trying to achieve your goals.

15. Use your journal or blog as a tool to help you look back when you are in a dip or reach a plateau.

It is easy to give up when times are hard and say to yourself “I hope things go better for me some day”. That someday may never come, so you have a choice to take action and approach every day and new year as a new opportunity to achieve your dreams.

Do you want to be remembered as someone who gave up or someone who went out with both guns blazing. The choice is yours.