How You Can Lose Weight With Human Chorionic Gonadotrophic Hormone

There is a relatively new popular diet called the hCG diet, but many of you may want to know how you can lose weight with human chorionic gonadrotrophic hormone.

The question, what is hCG, can be answered with the technical definition that it’s a hormone (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) that’s produced in the cells of the placenta of pregnant women. It helps the fetus and the mother enjoy a healthy pregnancy by providing much needed nutrients to both.

Everyone, including men, has the hCG hormone in their bodies, but it resides in cells that are normally not active. The synthetic form of the hormone is now being used along with a diet plan to help people lose weight and keep it off.

The synthetic hCG hormone, when taken by injections or oral drops, triggers the hypothalamus gland to break down and use body fat as the main fuel source for the body. That’s the reason for the extremely low (500) calorie diet that accompanies the intake of the hCG hormone.

When your body isn’t receiving a large amount of fat calories for the hypothalamus gland to break down, it begins using stored fat cells. Another purpose of the gland is to send a message to the brain aimed at conserving and keeping lean muscle. If your body was not receiving this message, you’d begin to reduce important muscle mass.

So, the answer to the question, what is hCG, includes the fact that without the hormone injections or oral drops and sticking to the hCG diet plan, you wouldn’t realize the same results as most people who adhere to the plan religiously.

Basically, the hCG hormone is fooling the body into thinking it’s getting the calories it must have by replacing the ingested calories with stored fat calories that are keeping you overweight and miserable.

The hCG diet plan lasts about 20 days and provides an ocean of benefits to your body and mind. Now, you’ll diet and restore the energy you seem to have lost over time. Now, you’ll be able to fit into the “skinny” clothes hanging in the closet. Both your body and mind will enjoy a transformation that could only take place if your metabolic balance is fixed.

All the weight loss plans in the world won’t work if your metabolism stays sluggish. After you get off the diet, the weight will automatically fly back on. hCG ends this vicious cycle by providing long lasting results that will reset your slow metabolism and keep the weight off permanently.

You’ll also fall into new eating and exercising habits that will keep your body fit and lean. The hCG hormone and diet plan isn’t a magical cure, but it’s a cure that does what it claims and makes you a happier and more fulfilled person because you’ll become that fit person you always knew you could be.
Think of the answer to what is hCG as a fabulous new “discovery” that ends the roller coaster ride of losing and gaining unwanted pounds.

Check out the new hCG diet and discuss with your doctor if it may be a safe, effective way for you to lose weight.

How Do hCG Hormones Help You Achieve Optimal Weight Loss

There is a popular weight loss program buzzing called the hCG weight loss program; however, people are wanting to know how hCG hormones help you lose weight.

Your first thought when you heard about hCG Hormones might have been, “How can a hormone that helps a pregnant woman and her fetus receive nutrients help me lose weight?” Actually, it makes perfect sense when you read on and find out about how hCG hormones interact with your body and the hCG diet plan.

It’s true that hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormones are necessary for pregnant women and are produced by the cells in the placenta to ensure healthy fetus development. The rest of us also have hCG hormones in our cells, but they’ve been removed from our bodies, possibly by chemicals contained in certain foods.

If you’ve ever had a need to take antibiotics, the balance of the digestive system could be affected, causing you to lose the valuable hCG hormones. hCG loss could occur because of a Candida yeast overgrowth caused by the chemical imbalance in the digestive system.

Having no hCG in your system means that the hypothalamus gland is affected. This gland controls body fat and emotions that might trigger overeating and also helps form the reproductive glands during the puberty stage. When synthetic hCG hormones are added to the system by injections or oral drops, they allow fat to be extracted from cells in which they’re stored.

After the fat is removed, the cells become expendable, so the body breaks them down and absorbs them into the system. The body may then replace the cells with water (water retention) and since water weighs more than fat, you may even register heavier on the scale for a short while. When you’re on the 500 calories per day hCG diet, water is often retained to make up for the rapid loss of fat cells.

If you’re following the hCG diet plan and taking hCG hormones, you’ll eventually rid your body of the water weight gain through the urine – and, it may seem like you’re making a beeline for the bathroom most of the day and night for awhile. What follows will be a notable weight loss on the scale.

Eventually – after a few days – the weight loss decreases from day to day after the initial large amount of weight loss when the water is released from the body. Men can sometimes pull off a larger amount of weight loss than women despite the fact that they’re following the diet explicitly. The reason for that is the different ways in which men and women retain water.

Religiously taking hCG hormones in either injection or oral drop form and following the prescribed diet plan should help you lose up to 30 pounds in a month. Some dieters lose less and some more – but this remarkable plan can end your weight woes forever – without having to purchase special foods or enter into a strenuous exercise regime.

hCG hormones can definitely help you lose weight and develop a new lease on life because the weight loss usually stays off after the metabolism is reset.

Does The hCG Diet Really Work

The big question when discussing weight loss programs is “Do hCG Diets Really Work”.

The answer to the title question is, “yes” – but only if you stick to it – and that’s true for any weight loss plan. Thousands have stuck to hCG Diets and lost a remarkable amount of weight and inches. This incredible plan has been around since 1954, but has only received an outpouring of recognition when author and weight loss guru, Kevin Trudeau, published his book, “The Weight Loss Cure.”

In “The Weight Loss Cure,” Trudeau chronicles the research and findings of the late Dr. A.T.W Simeon, who made remarkable breakthroughs in weight loss of obese patients. For years, Dr. Simeon injected patients with a glycoprotein hormone called hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a hormone only produced during women’s pregnancies – and produced dramatic results.

A low calorie diet (500 calories per day) is also an essential part in the beginning of hCG Diets because it helps to rid your body of abnormal fat and begin the transformation of your body image. Following an hCG Diet plan also regulates a listless metabolism, which is necessary for your body to effectively burn off future calories.

Obesity is becoming a serious problem in today’s society, and hCG Diets may hold the solution to our future health. Obesity is a big part of the reason for health problems such as diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, not to mention low-self-esteem and poor self-image. The fact that those who partake in hCG Diets tend to keep the weight off is an extra benefit.

Weight loss is now one of the most money-making pursuits today. People everywhere are joining weight loss clubs, drinking and eating diet drinks and foods and purchasing fitness equipment in an attempt to lose calories and get in shape.

hCG Diets are relatively inexpensive and there are no special foods, fads, pills or any other form of weight loss treatment that you need to adhere to. The hCG hormone is usually injected by a physician, but oral treatments are becoming more popular.

Before Kevin Trudeau included hCG Diets in his book, he utilized the treatment for himself – losing 45 pounds in six weeks. In an infomercial, he touted that no exercise was needed to achieve the weight loss and that his energy level soared while his eating habits drastically changed for the better.

There’s an added benefit for hCG Diets that isn’t as well documented as the weight loss factor – youth. The hCG hormone injections have the extra advantage of bringing the glow of youth back to your appearance.

If you’ve always failed when trying to lose those unwanted pounds, research the hCG Diets and talk to your health care provider about whether this plan may work best for you.