5 Things You Can Never Recover

The weekend has come and will quickly have passed. Most of us reflect on the events of the week gone by at some point during these two days.

Self evaluation of what we accomplished, lives we influenced, and choices we made are important to keep moving forward in a positive way.

All of us can find things we did and decisions we made that we are proud of and some we wish we could go back and do differently.

It is easy to get caught up in dwelling on the negative aspects of the past. All we can do is allow it to occupy a special place in the back of our minds and keep moving forward. The past should remain there as a constant reminder to help us correct future thoughts, behaviors, and actions. There is nothing constructive about negative prior experiences, if we allow them to surface, incessantly, and consume our daily thinking.

There are behaviors we display, and things we say and do that will influence how others perceive us. Our impulsivity can totally alter the way others choose to relate to us from now until eternity.

There are 5 things in life that can never be recovered, if handled wrecklessly.

1. A thrown stone.

2. The passing of time.

3. The special friend, family and love, once they are gone.

4. Words spoken.

5. Your health.

All of us should strive to optimize how we handle the aforementioned 5 issues in our daily lives.

You can’t mend a broken heart.

We shouldn’t allow our ego’s, negligence, and impulsivity to steel all this world has to offer.