Personal Development Goals To Consider

What to Consider When Writing Down Your Personal Development Goals

There is a good person inside each and everyone. Sometimes, other people’s personalities are masked by their arrogance or selfishness, which is why it is all that others see.

Fortunately, a certain circumstance or situation can lead to a personality change.

People can change for the better if they so desire.

It may take time and extreme effort but it can be done. Personality development is evolving, just as change is constant. There is always room for improvement, personality included.

You might consider these personality development goals for yourself. All these are geared towards improving your life.

Evaluate your Character and get rid of Bad Habits

This goal is easier said than done. It can be hard to get rid of bad habits because they have been ingrained deep in your personality.

But if you stop and take stock of your life, you can actually do something to change it.

Getting rid of bad habits will improve you as a person. In turn, your life will be improved for the better. You can try to rid yourself of the habit of being always late, for example.

It is rude to let other people wait for you.

You are wasting their precious time by not showing up on time. To change that, you can try to wake up earlier. And you might try sleeping earlier so you won’t have to wake up late.

Communicating Well

Despite the fact that people talk to each other every day, communication is still hampered.

There are times when people fail to express their real feelings to others.

If you think of really successful people, you will realize they know how to talk well.

They are persuasive and charming and can sway people to believe in what they are saying.

If you are a bit shy, learn how to communicate better.

Learn to look people in the eye during a conversation. But more importantly, become a good listener.

You must also learn to empathize.

When you relate to what people are saying they become interested what you have to say. Being courteous should never be forgotten. Being polite and minding your manners counts. Be updated and knowledgeable, it is very valuable when communicating with others.

Learn to Adapt

Any person will encounter all types of situations in his lifetime. Some are favorable while others may be unfavorable or unpleasant. The same goes for people. There will always be people you will not like or approve of. But that does not mean you have to avoid them.

A person with great personality is able to deal with anything.

He can adjust his behavior to anyone, anytime and anywhere. No one can live alone, so you must learn to survive with others.

And because not everyone has the same personality as yours, there will times when ideas and characters will clash.

In that case, you can be the bigger person and give in.

The development of your personality depends on your attitude and outlook in life.

Taking a look inside at your good and not so good qualities and see where simple changes can be made to start improving your life.

Making small changes in yourself does not have to take alot of effort if you believe in yourself.

5 Things You Can Never Recover


5 Things You Can Never Recover

The weekend has come and will quickly have passed. Most of us reflect on the events of the week gone by at some point during these two days.

Self evaluation of what we accomplished, lives we influenced, and choices we made are important to keep moving forward in a positive way.

All of us can find things we did and decisions we made that we are proud of and some we wish we could go back and do differently.

It is easy to get caught up in dwelling on the negative aspects of the past. All we can do is allow it to occupy a special place in the back of our minds and keep moving forward. The past should remain there as a constant reminder to help us correct future thoughts, behaviors, and actions. There is nothing constructive about negative prior experiences, if we allow them to surface, incessantly, and consume our daily thinking.

There are behaviors we display, and things we say and do that will influence how others perceive us. Our impulsivity can totally alter the way others choose to relate to us from now until eternity.

There are 5 things in life that can never be recovered, if handled wrecklessly.

1. A thrown stone.

2. The passing of time.

3. The special friend, family and love, once they are gone.

4. Words spoken.

5. Your health.

All of us should strive to optimize how we handle the aforementioned 5 issues in our daily lives.

You can’t mend a broken heart.

We shouldn’t allow our ego’s, negligence, and impulsivity to steel all this world has to offer.

Can Touching Someone Change Their Life

Can touching someone change their life 

This is the season when we all reflect on our past, family, friends, loved ones, and our future. It can be a stressful time of year even with support from family and friends.

It is hard to believe there are those out there that have lost contact with family and friends. It is easy to see how someone forgotten or no longer has family could feel a loss of hope. You may be one of them.

I have had the oppurtunity, through the years, to witness patients that had no hope for survival, suddenly have their condition turn around without any change in medical intervention. You were left wondering what changed, that helped them begin to improve against all odds.

I have had others that began to experience a decline in health without any obvious explanation. These patients had lost contact with family and friends. No one would call or come to see them. The had lost hope and had no incentive to keep living.

I have also seen both situations make a turn for the better. All it took was someone that cared taking the time to sit down next to them, hold their hand, listen to what they had to say, and give them some words of encouragement.

We all could easily become one of the above patients.

We all may have experienced or encountered others that are suffering frustration, loss of hope, and are feeling like giving up on many life issues. It may be a job you are troubled with, a relationship where things just aren’t clicking, financial pressure, acute and chronic illness, death of a loved one, and many more.

If you want to make a difference in someone’s life this year take the time to show some compassion.

Touch them.

Compliment them.

Forgive them for the past.

Take time to listen to them.

Frequently a little touch is all it takes to turn someone’s life around.

Your spouse, lover, family, friends and even strangers shouldn’t have to be on their death bed to get your attention.

Add a little touch to your daily routine and change someone’s life.