Making Your New Year Goals A Reality

Awaken Success

Time to awaken and become inspired for success.

There is a new post over at on creating your own self development plan for success.

 This should be just what all of us are looking for as we procrastinate on putting our goals and aspirations, for the upcoming 2014, down on paper.

Make your goals real…write them down.

Make Getting More Out Of Life A New Year Resolution

Are you craving more out of life than you have achieved?

Have you yet to find your passion?

Sometimes, we just can’t seem to be happy with what we have. We criticize ourselves too often and feel inferior because we want what others have. We develop healthy relationships with the people around us, but our relationship with ourselves isn’t quite so good.

The secret to happiness is going easy on yourself. Try not to judge yourself too harshly because you will always find faults in you. These imperfections may be petty, but you will magnify the things wrong with you and end up insecure. It helps to constantly engage in activities you love, surround yourself with people who love you, and look at the blessings in your life.

If there are people who stop you from becoming a better person, you have to think about ending these relationships. You should never allow people to suck your energy and make you feel down. You deserve to reap the rewards of life, and if there is someone who disagrees, then maybe that person wasn’t meant to be your friend.

So what do you need to do to get more out of life? 

The first step is to acknowledge your strengths. Find time to do at least one nice thing for yourself each day. These things don’t have to cost much. The purpose of this is not to spend money on yourself. Instead, it’s just for you to know that you also deserve a reward. Life is very complicated. The fact that we are still able to hope for something is an amazing feat in itself.

Show kindness to people you meet. Think about a time when you demonstrated the act of kindness towards a friend. Didn’t feel good after? Chances are you did. Although at times, being kind can be difficult, especially when you find that agreeing with that person is too hard. You should never forget the golden rule which basically states that you reap what you sow. If you have generally been a great friend to people, you will also get the same kind of treatment.

Believe in yourself. When you set your goals, know that you can achieve all of it if you just set your mind to it. Never mind those people who tell you that you can’t do it. Their opinions will only hinder you from achieving your full potential. You have the power to take control of your own life, it’s yours! Make the decision to go after your dreams, even if they seem too distant at the moment. Once the belief is there, you will be able to develop strategies to set you on the journey to make it happen.

So when you wake up each day, start with a positive thought and an open heart. Anything can happen, and life just has too much in store that giving up will be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. You need a purpose because at the core of this purpose is personal growth. It is only when we allow ourselves to grow that we will get to experience new things. There is more to life that meets the eye, all you need to do is allow these changes to happen.


Make Creating A Healthy Balance Between Work And Family A New Year Resolution

One of the major issues faced by working parents is that they are unable to properly balance their time. Women in particular feel that they are not able to spend quality time with their children because their jobs demand so much of their time.

They need to fulfill their responsibilities at work before they can focus their attention to their family.

Though work is an important part of life, the family should also be on top of the list of priorities.

Do you think that risking your family’s happiness is worth the rewards you get from a job well done at work?

It is very important that you balance these two aspects of your life.

If you can’t focus on both of these things, then you may as well watch the people you love most walk away from you.

So how do you keep things running smoothly?

You can achieve balance by setting up time for both.

If your family’s basic needs rest solely on your income, you can’t also risk your job. In a case like this, the best you can do is set aside your work when you reach home. Leave work in the office and spend some quality time with your loved ones. After all, it is not the length of time you spend with them that counts, it’s how you spend it.

You must have a well thought-out schedule for your family. You can use your spare time wisely.

A picnic at the park or a night spent sitting on the couch to watch movies matter a lot. Your partner and your children are likely to be happy if they see you stick to the plan.

A mother in particular plays many roles. She needs to be a wife, friend, and confidant to the people in her house. If you need to hire help just for that extra time with your husband and children, then do so. You probably go through times when you think you can’t manage everything and still do a good job. Don’t fret and give up. All you need to do is also ask for the help of your family. In order for your home to be happy, you must work as a team. Explain your dilemma and seek advice from those involved. That way, everyone can also understand what you are going through.

Balancing career and family doesn’t have to be viewed as an insurmountable feat, it just requires a bit of juggling.

Every woman is capable of balancing her time. What helps a lot is for you to plan out your schedule and see which responsibility can be fulfilled at home. Paying the bills and shopping can now be done online. See if this helps. Assign tasks to the other family members as well and make a list of jobs to do around the house.

By delegating chores, everyone will also know that their contributions help in making the family happy.

The demands of work and family put a lot of pressure on everyone. You should know that you are not the only member of the family. Seek their help and let them learn the value of collaboration and unity.


Your Checklist For Positive Thinking To Achieve Your Dreams

The end of the year is near and you should be thinking about what you want to accomplish in the coming year.
It is easy to let yourself feel down and negative if the past year has not went as well as you had hoped.

You may not have achieved the financial success you had hoped for,quit or lost a job, suffered medical problems, or may be involved in a floundering relationship. All of the aforementioned are understandable reasons to feel less than optimistic about the future.

You have a choice to lay down and just let the world pass you by or you can let the unfavorable events of the past year serve as stepping stones to help you move forward to achieve your dreams.

There is no doubt that finding the positive in life can be difficult when times are hard. Many of us have been there.

We all can benefit from having a checklist to help us stay focussed and remind us of why we are pursuing our goals in life.

The following checklist reveals 15 strategies to you should review everyday to help you maintain a positive attitude as you strive to achieve your dreams:

1. Eliminate negative thoughts from your mind.

2. Make a decision to achieve your goals.

3. Create a list of positive things that surround achieving your goals.

4. Make a plan to achieve your goal one step at a time.

5. Keep a blog or journal about how you feel and your progress.

6. Stop getting in your own way.

7. Expect setbacks and have a plan B.

8. See yourself achieving your goals.

9. Remind yourself, daily, of why you want to achieve your goals.

10. Believe in yourself and what you want to achieve.

11. Avoid people who bring you down.

12. Understand what makes you happy…reward yourself for small accomplishments.

13. Break each goal down into smaller goals, so that you can recognize success frequently.

14. Look back at where you have been and why you are trying to achieve your goals.

15. Use your journal or blog as a tool to help you look back when you are in a dip or reach a plateau.

It is easy to give up when times are hard and say to yourself “I hope things go better for me some day”. That someday may never come, so you have a choice to take action and approach every day and new year as a new opportunity to achieve your dreams.

Do you want to be remembered as someone who gave up or someone who went out with both guns blazing. The choice is yours.