3 Steps to Being a Better You

3 Steps to Being a Better You 

I am sure that no matter where you are in life or what you have accomplished you are constantly looking for ways to improve yourself or do things better.

There is no shortage of advice on how we can improve ourselves. This advice comes in many forms including mentoring, seminars, books, reports, articles and videos.

There is so much advice available as the net has evolved that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what you should spend your time on and what advice to follow.

If you took the time to follow everything you should be doing in self improvement, getting more productive, creating the life you want, you would probably have little time left to do anything else.

I am a big believer in taking any goal and breaking down the steps needed to achieve that goal. Then approaching things one step at a time until you achieve the desired end result.

The following is a step by step approach to being a better you:

Step 1

You really can’t make improvement in yourself until you understand what you need to improve on.

It is imperative that you know where you are and where you ultimately want to be.

So the first step is to make a list.

You need to make a 2 column or 3 column list.

The first column is what you want to change.

The second column is what you want the end result to be.

In the third column put the benefits of achieving the end result.

Listing the benefits can be very motivating in your quest to achieve your goals.

Step 2

Chose the most important item on your list to start working on.

Save your list, once you accomplish one thing you’ll want to go back and work on more, but for now, choose one thing.

If a bad habit is something you want to change, you will need to start working on breaking that habit.

If you want to be a friendlier person, you can start by smiling at more people. You don’t have to run out and start a conversation with everyone, but do start smiling more.

If you want to be more productive, exchange some of your free time and use it for work time. If that’s not something you’re willing to give up, then cut down on social media time and spend that extra time working.

Step 3

Work on this item consistently for a month.

It will take time to replace old habits with new ones, but you have to keep at it.

You may want to start journaling your daily progress to keep yourself in check.

Whatever ways you can come up with to start being a better you, do it.

Once you’ve consistently worked on this one thing for a month, go back to your list and add another item to start working on.

Don’t forget to keep up your new habit with the other things you’ve already changed.

It’s much easier to work on one thing, get good at it and then add one more thing. It’s a bit like juggling. When a person starts learning to juggle, they start with one pin or one ball. They get used to feel of it before adding a second pin or ball. They practice with that for a few weeks and then add a third ball or pin.

The key is to start mastering one thing before you add others.

Making positive changes in your life isn’t always easy, but if you follow this step by step, really simple plan, you will see results.

Self improvement requires a plan of action.

If you want to start being a better you, you need to plan.

Start making your plan, today….







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Making Your New Year Goals A Reality

Awaken Success

Time to awaken and become inspired for success.

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 This should be just what all of us are looking for as we procrastinate on putting our goals and aspirations, for the upcoming 2014, down on paper.

Make your goals real…write them down.


How To Be A Great Person

You know you’re kind, caring, funny, and thoughtful, but sometimes, you really don’t think that you’re that great of a person. Life should be enough to tell you what makes a person great. You’ve had your experiences with difficult person, and attractive as that person is on the outside, beauty definitely goes beyond what you see on the surface. You’ll earn more respect and support when you treat other people well. Plus, life just gets better when you have people who love you for who you are. So, no matter what, make sure to work at becoming the best version of yourself. You can’t expect perfection, but some effort goes a long way. So, wherever you are and whatever you do, remember that the following are some of the things that win people over:

You’re an honest and sincere person
It’s so easy to lie at times just so you don’t disappoint other people, but when you’re caught in a lie, you’re actually digging your own grave. If you really want people to listen, then they need to trust you. Even if the truth hurts, let them know that they can always count on you not to stab them in the back. Plus, there’s always a better way to say things. Just stay away from harsh words and hot heads. If you need to confront someone, don’t make them feel that you’re already judging them. Let them know that you’ve got their back. Let the outcome speak for itself because the truth does eventually come out. Plus, living your life is so much simpler when you don’t have to cover for yourself.

You know the people around you
While you may not be the world’s most popular person and you’re certainly not working your way towards fame, it does help to appreciate the ones who give you support. Before judging, get to know everyone. See things from another’s point of view and make some effort to understand others. When you do achieve something, make sure to show gratitude. You don’t get to do big things without support. Appreciate any type of help that is extended your way and let them know that you’re always going to be there when they need you.

Always show concern to the people you love
It’s so easy to be so caught up in your own success that you forget about those who are going through something. Well, it’s time to open your eyes because when life is good, this is your chance to give hope to those who need it. Whenever you have a friend that’s in need, make time for them. Getting into charity work does wonders as well for your soul. This makes you realize that you have so many things that you should be thankful for, and when life pulls you down, just remember those blessings you have and know that there are those who are in a much worse position. And most importantly, this allows you to love yourself more, which is important if you want people to look up to you.


How To Achieve Peace Of Mind

In every second of the day, thoughts go through your head. You use your imagination almost all the way. When it comes to your personal life, you constantly look into the life you can have once you have your family. When it comes to work, you see yourself climbing the corporate ladder faster than expected. For just about anything, the mind is at work. As much as you just want to think of good thoughts, doubts get in the way. You are also plagued with what-ifs when you think about things turning sour. After all, you don’t get everything you want in life. Sometimes, disappointments come and if you don’t expect these, you’re only setting yourself up.

Like what people say, you need to hope for the best but expect the worst. This means that you should never stop trying because a lot of good can still come out of every experience. Leave the past in the past. You may have had trouble, but when these things leave you feeling jaded and cynical, your life won’t be as good as it should be. That’s because you’re already expecting for bad things to happen. You’re already creating a reality for yourself even before it’s happened. Get a grip on yourself and work on your peace of mind. When you are calm and collected, you’re more likely to get the outcome you want.

So, what do you exactly do? Well, you have to be willing to do some hard work to start with. Wishing only gets you far. You need to tie up the loose ends, come up with a plan, and basically just do something so that you resolve your problems. These things may not go away overnight but when you take action, you will be able to resolve a lot of issues, and that’s already a lot off your shoulders. For all your past hurts, move on. If you need to cry out your pain, go ahead. Then, dry your face and take action. That’s probably the most important part of all.

Take time to meditate as well. You may have a lot of crazy thoughts inside your head, but that’s alright. Most people assume that to meditate, you need to keep your mind blank. They choose to let go of this process because they already know that they can’t do this. If your thoughts keep surfacing, then let it be. Just sit still and be quiet. You can even use this time to plan for a better future.

Lastly, it’s time to be the best version of yourself. When you know that you haven’t wished ill against anyone and that you try to live your life as honestly as possible, your conscience won’t gnaw at you during those quiet times. It’s about doing good things and concentrating on yourself rather than on the mistakes of other people. If there are others who try to bring you down on your journey to peace of mind, let them be because what matters here is how you are and how you feel.


How To Be A Better You

There’s no denying that you know yourself more than anybody else. Nonetheless, there are also things that you aren’t always aware of. In your life, you’ll meet people that are either great or rude. But even your friends won’t always shower you with compliments. If you’re friendship is as deep as you think it is, these comments are in no way meant to make you insecure and feel bad as a person. They are just there to tell you the truth and present you with the facts so that you don’t repeat these mistakes. Know that everyone was born with quirks, and while you are generally a good person, you do have some bad moments. Instead of turning a blind eye, see the bigger picture and learn to grow from the experience.

If some of the people in your life tell you something unpleasant, don’t shun them out completely. Look at the situation and analyze why they were driven to take such drastic measures. If that person is simply doing it out of spite, then this isn’t a friend to begin with. However, when the intention to correct a mistake is there, know that while the delivery may have been a little rough, they also had good intentions. Be a little more forgiving when it comes to these things because the only way to grow is to also learn from past mistakes. Sometimes, you don’t get the clear picture, and you need a person to tap you in the back and tell you to be careful. You’d do the same things for them as well if the roles were reversed.

In life, people are working at bettering themselves. Success can only be achieved when you work through both your strengths and weaknesses. Hone the former while work at overcoming the latter. Ask your friends for advice and know why they think there are things you need to work on. By being open to even negative remarks, you won’t come to a confrontation. Instead, you’ll get a heart-to-heart talk where you’ll emerge from the experience feeling better about yourself because you now know what specific problems to address. While your buds don’t necessarily always know what’s best for you, you could also heed their suggestions. Who knows, some of these could actually come in handy.

Then, there are also those who are too polite to tell you anything negative. This can be tricky because letting the person open up can be tricky. The key here is to be casual about it. Be nonchalant about it and inject some humor to make the situation lighter. Or, you can make things better by asking them to state things constructively. In other words, give you the solution instead of pointing out the problem. When you connect the dots, you’ll get to the bottom of things and can now make the assumptions yourself. Always remember to be open about the things being said about you. Knowing the good and bad stuff helps you overcome your weaknesses as you work your way to becoming a better and more successful person.