Admit You Are A Procrastinator

Admit You Are A Procrastinator  

One thing that will ensure the failure of your business, online or offline,  is wasted time by procrastination.

Don’t confuse “wasted” time with the time it takes to renew your physical or mental power.

Exercise is essential for your physical and mental health to keep you energized and motivated to perform the daily task required to make your business a success.

You know what you are doing to waste time during the day. It could be spending too much time in front of the television, surfing the internet, too much time on social sites such as facebook, or playing games online or your smart phone.

If you even think the lack of progress or downturn in your business is related to your actions or failure to act then it is time to reevaluate your time management skills.

Good time management skills can set you on the right track for success.

Without them, you can falter and all of your dreams for the future may wither and die.

If you are ready to turn up the heat the following are good time management tips to make part of your daily routine: 

Some people are exceptional at completing task, but only with the threat of losing their job, approaching deadline, or the risk of procrastinating destroying relationships.

Put some pressure on yourself to get it in gear!

Decide how much time you’re going to spend on thoughts, conversations and actions.

Make it your mission to spend the greatest amount of your time taking action and less time thinking and talking about it.

You may want to monitor yourself for awhile by recording how much time you spend on the three categories of your day during working hours.

At the end of the week, you should know if you are spending too much time thinking and talking and not enough actually completing the task necessary to move you closer to your goals.

You have to be tough on yourself to make progress.

Block distractions- Tricks like blocking email and Facebook alerts, turning off your phone and hanging a “do not disturb” sign on your home office door can work wonders. Many entrepreneurs use programs such as Facebook for business reasons, but when you’re on the site, don’t let yourself be distracted by anything other than business.

Set a time to begin work – and stick to it. After you turn on your computer for work, give yourself a certain amount of time to surf the ‘net and review your email then get to work on what needs to be achieved for the day.

Once you have started working on the days task don’t look back until you are finished. Going back and forth between email, Facebook and work muddles your mind and makes it more difficult to focus.

End your work at a set time-We all have times when our backs are against the wall and we have to spend more time meeting deadlines. But on an ordinary day, set a time to stop work and renew your physical and mental health.

If you have to work longer than the stop time, take frequent breaks, get up and walk around and do something to get your mind off work. You can’t be chained to your business 24/7 – even if you think you want to be – it’s just not beneficial for your success.

Distinguish busy work from working toward goals- Busy work can be a waste of time. You may be procrastinating because you’re not ready to meet the goal or you’re scared of failure if you do complete it.

The best way to beat procrastination is to admit you have a problem then start taking action.

Treat yourself as an employee and don’t tolerate time wasting activities.

If you want your business to be successful then commit yourself to following some time management rules and stick to them.

Making Your New Year Goals A Reality

Awaken Success

Time to awaken and become inspired for success.

There is a new post over at on creating your own self development plan for success.

 This should be just what all of us are looking for as we procrastinate on putting our goals and aspirations, for the upcoming 2014, down on paper.

Make your goals real…write them down.

Blueprint For Developing A Success Mindset

Blueprint For Developing A Success Mindset

1. Assess your skills
Make a mental list or jot down on paper what your best qualities are. It’s important to be honest with yourself about this. You need to know these things, not only so you’ll feel confident but also so you can plan when tasks are required that don’t cater to your skills. If you’re not sure where to start, ask a trusted friend who knows you well to suggest what they think your strongest points are.

2. Be prepared and get organized
Good organization is so important. If you’re struggling to find papers or information you need, it can start a day off badly and tear down your confidence.  Establish structures and systems for every aspect of your business, starting today with the very first steps.

3. Keep a positive state of mind
Remember, you can have your dream life.  You can have the business you’ve always wanted.

4. Re-program yourself
Sometimes the only thing getting in our way is ourselves. Your frame of mind has a lot to do with the way you see things and how you get things done.  When you have bad moment, and they will happen, it is how you handle these down moments that sets the tone for your business.  If you can turn a setback into an opportunity or a learning moment, you’re golden.

5. Visualize and achieve
The most important thing about positive thinking, is seeing yourself achieving your goal. You know you can do it, so start by telling yourself that. You are your best motivator, so act as if. Visualize yourself succeeding as an online marketer and you will start to believe. Visualize by imagining or seeing a picture of what you want in your mind. Believing in yourself is the best thing you can do to get closer to your dream.

7 Tips For Thinking Positive To Achieve Success

7 Tips For Thinking Positive To Achieve Success

Thinking positively is not a temporary way to make a specific achievement; it is a total change in the way you think and act. Here are a few practical ways to introduce positive thinking into your every day life and business.

1. Develop a positive attitude

If you expect success you have a good chance of achieving it.  You should never be blind to the things that could go wrong, but finding a positive way to manage your risks will help you to believe that your project is going to do well.

2. Think and talk in positive terms

The language you use will have an enormous impact on your own subconscious as well as the people around you.  Use positive terms to gain confidence and convince yourself and other people that you will achieve your goals.

Positive terms to use

Negative and uncertain terms to avoid

I will
I’ll try
I can
I can’t
It is possible
I’m not sure
It will be ready
It might be ready
I am able to do that
I don’t know

3. Surround yourself with positive people

Positive thoughts and expressions can be as contagious as negativity, although we are not usually so aware of it.  If other people around you are expecting success and happiness then this will improve your general outlook as well.

4. Substitute negative thoughts for positive ones.

When something has not gone as planned don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on it and worrying about it.  Do focus on the lessons you have learned and visualize how well it will go next time, using the experience you have gained.

As Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister, once said;

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

5. Balance negative images with positive ones

We are bombarded with negative images all day without being aware of it.  Reading the paper, or watching the news will inevitable bring the world’s problems to your attention, and watching sad or violent films can fill our minds with negative thoughts.

Balance this onslaught of negativity by listening to music that makes you happy, watching inspirational films or reading a positive book that you really enjoy.  Balancing the negative images in your mind with positive ones will improve your overall outlook dramatically.

6. Be physically positive

Your posture can contribute greatly to your disposition. Walking tall and taking long strides, keeping your head up and making eye contact can all dispel those negative thoughts.

Some people find it helps to sing an upbeat song in their head as they are going about every day tasks.  This is a great way to put a swing in your step and a smile on your face.

You can go as far as imagining yourself in a positive situation.  I once had to approach a group of managers sitting around a table in an open plan office.  I was the new office junior and scared stiff.

Instead of shuffling up to them with my eyes down, I though to myself “You might be my superiors now but I will be your boss one day.”  This gave me the confidence to approach the group positively with a knowing smile on my face, and get exactly what I wanted.

Physical exercise can be another great way to increase your positive mental state.  Regularly walking, swimming, cycling or playing sport can help to lift negative thoughts and worries by increasing endorphins that promote happiness and wellbeing.

7. Find your happy trigger. 

What makes you happy no matter what?  Maybe it is a song, a joke, a pet, or even simply being outside in the sunshine.  When the going gets tough, and it will, have a trigger to keep you thinking positively.


List 10 things that make you happy.  It can be a song, a smell, an activity, anything.  Write them down.  Print them out, put the list somewhere you can access it.  When you need it, when the going gets tough or negative thoughts start to slip into your mind, pull the list out and refer to it.


In life and business, there are two cardinal sins… The first is to act precipitously without thought and the second is to not act at all.
-Carl Icahn

Stomping the hurdle that’s holding you back.

Phillip Knight, the founder of Nike, has a history of “just doing it” and long the way he’ll confess to his share of mistakes.  His motto?  “The trouble in America is not that we are making too many mistakes, says Knight, but that we are making too few.”

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.  Be afraid of not making them.  Or to quote a more popular Nike saying, “JUST DO IT”

The major factor that prevents people from starting their own business is fear.  This is not usually a general fear of failure, but a specific fear of something they feel they can’t do or don’t know.

Some of the business elements that people can be afraid of are:

* Figures
* Accounts
* Technology
* Customer contact
* Deadlines
* Tax issues
* Decision making

Avoiding your fears only serves to strengthen them.  The best way to overcome your fears, enabling you launch a successful business, is to face them head on.

When we confront a fear, the physical exertion can be exhausting.  Your body is not designed to stay afraid for long, and if you expose yourself to a fear for long enough, your body will naturally relax and you will cease to be afraid.  If this works with fears of heights or spiders, why can’t it work for business fears?

Conquering you business fears.

The most practical way of facing your business related fears is to take a training course that covers that particular area of business.  A short course in accounting might not give you the skills you need to do your own accounts, but if it gives you a general understanding and reduces your fear of accounts, it will enable you to start a business and work easily with an accountant.

One of the most common fears today is using new technologies, particularly computer programs.  People see computer programs as overly complicated, and are afraid to do anything in case they press a wrong button or change something they can’t undo.

There are a couple of ways to face your fear of technology:

1. Don’t be afraid to ‘play.  Thinking of it as playing rather than learning or experimenting suddenly makes it feel much less intimidating.
2. Remember that you are unlikely to do something really wrong. If you do you can always reload the software and start again.
3. Keep in mind that a real live person programmed the software, so it can’t be that complex, right?
4. Check online for a simple guide or cheat sheet.  The manual that comes with software can be very complex and confusing, whereas cheat sheets can help you to learn small sections of the software at a time.
5. Ask for help.  You wouldn’t go rock climbing for the first time without a guide would you?  If you’re struggling with something, hire a guide to walk you through it.  From software to accounting, many people are happy to help – often free of charge.

Overcoming Fear Exercise:  Write down what might stop you from starting a business.  What are your fears?  What can you do to overcome them?  What tools can you use to face your fears?

My first six years in the business were hopeless. There are a lot of times when you sit and you say “Why am I doing this? I’ll never make it. It’s just not going to happen. I should go out and get a real job, and try to survive.
-George Lucas

How to power on when the going gets tough.

Did you read the quote above?  If not, take a few seconds and read it.  Where would we be today if George had gotten a real job?

It would mean no Star Wars!

Star Wars aside, being an entrepreneur is never 100% easy.  Few things are perfect all of the time.  When your plans don’t go well, and your new business faces delays or obstacles, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and give up.  After all, you gave it a shot which is more than most people can say.  This is a common trap.


Winning The Race

Winning The Race

Reverse engineering our New Year Resolutions

As the end of the year approaches, we all reflect on the past year and perhaps many of the years gone by.

We start brainstorming our goals for the upcoming year and how to continue making improvements on the previous years quest.

Most of our goals seem to revolve around having more of something that involves the money word, looking better, feeling better, and other similar versions of the aforementioned.

But,how many of us write down why we want the above…or the end product we are trying to achieve…not many I suspect…

I am sure many of you including this author have spent many of hours striving to make more money, because we think it makes us feel better…not because we are about to go hungry or can not buy clothes for our kids.

We hop out of bed and get on our way to taking action every day and there never seems to be enough time to accomplish all of our task…the weeks pass, then months, and then here we are a few weeks before the next year starts.

A friend or acquaintence may ask what your plans and goals are for the upcoming year…but do you ever remember your spouse, lover, family and children asking you how much money you want to make next year, or if you plan to add 10 more clients to your workload, so that you can buy that new house on the lake, boat or hot sports car?

If you are very success oriented you probably are keeping some type of journal to record your successes and failures and things you need to work on.

If you do, then I am sure you also keep a record of how many of your childrens programs, ballgames, and bedtime stories you missed.

Your children and others that look up to you will model your behavior. They will also remember the things you tell them and recommend that they do, even though you never thought they were listening.

You will realize that all you were trying to teach them was not in vain when you get a call or text from them telling you to get off the computer and go to bed, or to just take things one step at a time when things are not going well for you in some aspect of your life.

Yes, you were not ignored and fulfilled your role as a parent or mentor.

You will also realize the impact you have had when they tell you they can not be there for some event or the holidays, because they have to work or they have made plans to go to the islands or whereever the deepest powder is located at that time of year.

Afterall, they are just demonstrating the discipline and motivation you instilled in them to try and make something of themselves and always strive to be the best that they can be…

However…where you failed was in not teaching them why they should strive to be a success…afterall, you are the success expert right?

Chances are you have forgotten what success really means to you…

You stop and reflect…you start to realize despite all the money and material things you have…what is really missing.

Happiness…are you happy? The easiest way to make yourself happier is to make someone else happy.
I can confidently say that the person lying in a hospital bed with an acute or chronic or possible lethal diagnosis does not care how big your house is or what new car you are driving. They may be overwhelmed with family at their bedside or may appear to be abandoned with no one coming around to see them.

If you want to see magic working just tell someone hello or even better yet, just sit down for a bit and listen with empathy…I guarantee you they will be smiling inside when you leave.

Me time…when is the last time you just spent some time alone doing what you wanted to do, that did not involve working. Take time for yourself to engage in whatever you have a passion for…you will find you are happier and with happiness comes better health, better relationships, less stress and clearer focus on your priorities.

Give a piece of your time…has your favorite words become “not now” or “i will do it later”
when your children as you to play or read a book. Did you forget to pencil them into your daily planner. You may think well I am busy and we will have more time to spend together when I have completed this job or when I get a boost in my salary. However, you are teaching your children the power of working hard to get somewhere in their life when they grow up…what more could they ask for.
They want and need your time…even if it is only five minutes of your busy day. Try it and see how much more content they seem after you have read to them, walked around the yard with them, or played catch. Children do not need the latest craze in toys or expensive trips to the other side of the world… they need your attention,
for you to listen, and to notice that they are a part of your world.

We all want love…everyone wants to be loved by someone…someone to share experiences with, laugh with, fall back on when times are hard, for passion, and to let you know you are significant. We all spend, so much time and energy trying to find that individual and when we do it is not long before the new has worn off and we are looking for the next best model or something different. We forget about the things that brought us together with the other person in the first place. Most of us try to get to know someone before allowing ourselves to get to personal or commit to deeper acts involved in relationships. If you are busy taking action to achieve your ambitions in life and never mentally available to the ones you love, then you are essentially a stranger in your own home. Think about the repercussions for minute and the meaning of this should be obvious…

When you are making out your ressolutions for the upcoming year…try doing it a little different than in the past…try reverse engineering your goals and making the reasons for success your top priority on your daily to do list.

Make time each day for yourself, to listen, to play, to influence a child, to do something you find passionate, spend time with the one you love, communicate with your family…These things should be on your priority list…

That way when 20 years have gone by and you are driving your new Mercedes to the islands for a week long ski trip you will not suffer an episode of enlightment when your son or daughter text you to tell you they how sorry they were for missing you when they were in town……sometimes to win the race you have to slow down.