Living Your Best Year Ever

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Living Your Best Year Ever

We are now halfway through 2016, so are you living your best year ever? At the end of every year someone is telling us to put our goals for the upcoming year down on paper.

These goals may be anything from making more money, losing weight, becoming more fit, taking a vacation to the beach, getting home earlier, spending more time with your kids or a significant other. We all probably have similar type goals as we begin the new year.

The thought of being able to achieve even one of those goals probably occupies your thought process on a daily basis.

Now is the time to reflect on what you have accomplished and the areas of your life that need tweaking to help you meet those goals you set at the beginning of the year.

Do you have New Year’s resolutions that you have not looked at twice.

You may find yourself thinking, if I only had one more hour in the day, I might have been able to get started on those elusive goals that escape me year after year.

Perhaps you are trying to achieve too much.

Asking too much of yourself can result in your just spinning your wheels and never getting started. Ultimately this procrastination just results in wasting more time and failure to move forward.

Make a decision to focus on just one of your goals to help you start living your best year ever.

Accomplishing just one of your goals will boost your self esteem and confidence needed to keep you charging forward to tackle the next goal on your new year resolution list.

The following are some tips you can  implement to help you regain more time and put yourself on the road to achieving those passions you so desire.

1. Work on each task a little faster

Whatever the task you are working on try doing it a little faster. You will find that by moving faster, you will respond faster in completing your task.
Staying organized will help you save time in completing your task and other daily obligations.

2. Become an expert in your field

Make it an obsession to become an expert in what your are doing or working on. Continue to educate yourself on your chosen passion. The more educated you are the more efficient you will be in completing associated task.

Watch one, do one, teach one is a phrase commonly used in many professions. Following the above three strategies will inspire others and motivate you to continue pursuing your passion.

3. Limit unnecessary time online

Try only checking your email twice per day.

Limit your time on facebook and other social sites.

I think we all would be amazed at how much time we spend checking and answering email, reading post on social sites, blogs and forums.

Unless you are doing research or generating an income from your time spent on the internet restrict your surfing until you have completed all your task for the day.

4. Let the phone go to voice mail

Try answering all your non emergent phone calls at one time. Interruptions from phone calls rob us of time.

Not only the time spent on the phone, but the time it takes to regroup and get your focus back on whatever you were working on.

Save the calls for a certain period of the day then make that your primary focus until the job is done.

5. Eliminate Unnecessary Meetings

Try to limit meetings to once or twice per week. This may not be possible for everyone depending upon your profession.

If you have control over scheduling meetings, keep them brief and focused.

Everyone will love you for it.

6. Learn to delegate the small things

Allow your employee or assistant to perform the work that isn’t helping you reach your goals. Make sure you are utilizing your time in the most productive way possible for your knowledge and skill.

7. Take Action Now

Pick a goal you are going to focus on, break it down into pieces, and then give it your full attention until the job is complete.

Stop procrastinating and start taking action. The best way to overcome procrastination when dealing with something you find boring is to break it down then attack it one small piece at a time.

8. Get Healthy Stay Healthy

Staying focused on the task required to achieve your new year resolutions requires a clear mind.

Add some form of exercise to your daily routine. Exercising will increase the blood flow to your brain, relax you, decrease stress, and eliminate brown fog.

Eat a well balanced diet including multiple small meals a day will help boost your metabolism and energy, so that you have the fuel to achieve your daily task.

Starting today, implement some of the above strategies for optimizing your time.

You will soon find that you are able to attack those yearly passions with new found energy and enthusiasm.

Spend the remainder of the year……….. living your best year ever.